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Feel a Call in your Heart for Enlightened Guidance?

Are you READY to receive guidance, direction, nurturing, inspiration, love, clarity, peace, joy and creative flow... these sessions are for you!
Do you feel like you would like to understand where to put your focus, what's next for you and the meaning of what happened in the last year?
You are ready to LET GO of all the past and release what is done and empower yourself with the strength and wisdom you have gained!
Are you ready to tune in to who you are becoming, who your Soul intended?
Let's cleanse, clear and reboot you for the new year!

NOW is the time to connect, choose and live through inner guidance!
NOW is the time to let go of struggle, second guessing and worry!
NOW is the time to finally create a clear and open channel to your higher selves and listen to INNER guidance, not OUTER fear!
NOW you can let and go and accelerate your ability to RISE to a higher state of awareness and receive loving, protective and healing guidance that is ready and willing right now!

It's time to increase your connection to the Spirit Guides!

  • Do you feel like you are ready to increase your clarity and reception of inner guidance and awareness of Spirit guides? (Spirit guides include nature or animal spirits, angels or ascended masters, colors or celestials like Gaia, your higher self, your body elemental and so much more!).
  • ​Spirit Guides are becoming more common, more tangible and people like you are waking UP to Light Languages and multiple forms of communication.
  • ​In these sessions you will receive guidance and inspiration, recalibration AND a deeper connection to your Spirit Guides. Then we will create an "EZ BUTTON" for you to re-connect to them when you desire!
  • ​Your ability to communicate with all forms of conscious energies and guidance will be increasing because we are entering a new age, one where our senses are awakening.
  • ​​Accelerate your connection and follow loving guidance as you prepare for 2020 and enter a new decade. No need to go alone! Your Private SPIRIT GUIDE Reading is ready.

Your Private SPIRIT GUIDE Reading is ready!

  • What could be more comforting, nurturing and transformative than having guidance all the time that you know, understand and trust?
  • Spirit guides are a fact of life, from your higher self to your body elemental. From the crystal kingdom to the fairy realms, and the powerful elementals... life force and creative possibilities exist outside the physical realm!
  • More than 90% of YOU is not physical... or visible to the human eye. Isn't it time to tune in and let the Spirit realms support, love and guide you?
  • ​You deserve it... and it's all ready and waiting for you!

Private SPIRIT GUIDE Reading & Journey
with Akasha

Experience a powerful personal guided journey, healing and alignment with your special Spirit Guide. Meet, journey with and receive answers, guidance, healing and clarity as you connect with your own personal Spirit Guides. This is a powerful tradition that transcends time and space and gives you the support, insight and love that creates change and joyful prosperity in your life, mind and body.
Choose to receive guidance, healing or inspiration from any of these Spirit Guides, or let them choose you:

  • Animals Spirit Guides
  • ​Nature Spirits
  • ​Celestials (Earth - Gaia, Sun, Moon, stars, or Angels)
  • ​Ascended Masters
  • ​Gods/Goddesses.

Your Higher Self accompanies all journeys and everything is experienced inside powerful energy and light structures to keep you safe and create an easy way to let go, clearly receive and to align with your Soul's signature frequency. An excellent way to end/start the new year and decade, and an incredible gift for those you love. 

90 minutes LIVE and recorded while we: cleanse and clear your LightBody, Do an Energy Scan, Create a Light Chamber and Tune into your Spirit Guides that are most important for you now. Then after I receive info from them, we begin the journey and you get to experience your guides come to yo in a powerful, real and life changing way. The entire process is recorded for you to repeat as desired or to take notes, so you can be fully present in the session. Includes follow up check in via email or text for the first week. All this for only $222!


with Akasha & Transformative & Loving Spirit Guides

The "Spirit Guides - Speak!" Series

Guidance is here! Inspiration, healing and clarity beyond what your mind and hard work can achieve is available right now. You can start right away with the first Animal Spirit Guide Journeys.
Each Edition of "Spirit Guide Journeys" has five different journeys, with five different spirit guides. Each is a multisensory guided audio that takes you deep out of your conscious reality and allows you to travel to other realms, and find new solutions, understanding and a powerful new self image.
"Spirit Guide Journeys" are a sensory experience to heal mind, body and spirit and align you with your true self, your purpose and clarity. Support and protection create a sacred cocoon for your metamorphosis. Pain, problems, programs and limiting beliefs fall away as you cleanse clear and renew in each multidimensional experience.

Live (when recorded) channeled guidance, beautiful music and shamanic elements (rattles, breath, rain sticks, flutes ...)add to the deep process Akasha has created over decades as a healer, hypnotherapist and homeopath and used with hundreds of clients and students worldwide.

Download these deep guided audio journeys where each Powerful Animal Spirit Guide takes you on a multi sensory and multidimensional journey. You will feel lighter and uncover, release and understand fears, blocks and repetitive patterns that hold you back from your BlissLife.

You will be held in a loving, sacred space where the Animal Spirit Guide will guide and direct a powerful shamanic healing journey. You will be free to explore your fears or past while being lovingly supported. You will finally be able to discover your truth, your mission, your talents, your Divine beauty.

Instant Download!

Animal Spirit Guide Journeys
Collection 1:
The Transformation Circle

  • Serpent & Plumed Serpent : The journey of Transformation & Shed the Past, Awaken the Life force & Open the Inner Eye
  • Dolphin: The journey of Joy & Remembering your Bliss
  • Iguana: Journey to the Ancients & Intuitive Awakening
  • Dragonfly: Journey to thru the Veil of Illusion & Remembering Your Prosperity & Happiness
  • White Tiger: The journey of Personal Power & Walk through Any Challenge Courageously


Animal Spirit Guide Journeys
Collection 2:
The Metamorphosis Circle

  • Butterfly: Journey of metamorphosis and coming out, spreading your new wings!
  • Frog: Journey of cleansing & prosperity!
  • Otter: Journey to reclaim the Sacred Feminine & playful pleasure!
  • Spider: Journey into the web of creation & remembering you are the Creator of your reality!
  • Jaguar: Journey to reclaim Seeing in the "Dark", thru shadow & fear.

Use these as often as you feel called, keep bringing yourself back to clarity, harmony and love. Just like showering daily, cleanse your LightBody, and your connection to your highest good. It's important to keep a clear and open channel to the guides that are here for you in this collection.
The decade of transformation is here, the shapeshifting, falling apart, burning down, and is happening all around us. Never buy into fear, there is never a benefit. Simply choose to follow the light and move to a safe place.
Cocoon in a nourishing space, carefully choose what you listen to, watch and who you are with. Create a peaceful cocoon you can be in to regenerate, rejuvenate and to be able to listen within to your truth and hearts calling.
Keep your guides close, because after awhile they will come to you anytime. You can call them, or you can spontaneously see or hear them!

This is the time of transparency and transformation. We are in the most powerful cocoon of all time - 2020 and the next decade.
In this time, we will all go through many transformations.
It is truly a shapeshifting.
You are here to uplevel, to shed the old, to become the unknown... listen and trust - your heart knows.
It is time to listen within to your personal truth. To free yourself of the constraints of conditioned mind patterns, negative emotions and limiting beliefs.
Your Metamorphosis Spirit Guides are experts at this shapeshifting. They are clear and connected to their Soul... they hear and follow their inner voice - their imaginal cell.
Humans tend to push on despite signs to go a new way or let go. Then stress becomes habit and habits become toxic.
True freedom - old ways are falling away, prepare to emerge lighter and live from your heart, follow your bliss and listen to your inner truth.
Choose to let go of all known and unknown blocks, fears and attachments - mentally emotionally, and in all levels of your reality.
It is time to consciously go through the changes that are calling or already happening. Go calmly into the flow with your loving and wise guides in this metamorphosis circle.
These guides all have a common purpose, yet express it completely differently! They all shapeshift, metamorphosis, shed, and transform in a profound way - and have powers, and skills to use while guiding you on your own metamorphosis.

SACRED FEMININE POWER SECRETS with the  goddesses & Animal Powers mixed! Enjoy MULTIPLE ASPECTS OF CREATIVITY TO AWAKEN THE CREATIVE POWER WITHIN and connect to the Divine Feminine Powers now available to you!

Available February 2020

Animal Spirit Guide Journeys
Collection 3:
The Goddess Animal Circle

  • Sekhmet: Egyptian Lion - Woman Goddess of healing & power and voice
  • ​Ixchel: Mayan Goddess of the Rainbow, women & Moon with Snake
  • Hathor: Egyptian goddess with cow ears, of the sky, abundance & love
  • Bastet (Bast): Egyptian Cat Goddess of healing, home, Sacred Feminine secrets. Warm, loving, playful, protective. Awakens the senses.
  • Lakshmi: Hindu Goddess of Prosperity & Riches - material & spiritual, joy and honor. Always white elephant, Airawat.

Available March 2020

Animal Spirit Guide Journeys
Collection 4:
The Cat Circle

  • Snow Leopard: Journey to your Center of Stillness to enter the Realm of the Shaman rely upon and trust the inner Self
  • ​Cheetah: Journey to Lighten Problems & Take Swift Action
  • ​Ocelot: Journey of Introspection & Finding Light In the Dark
  • ​Lynx: Journey to the Spiritual Mysteries: Hear the Truth & Bend Time
  • ​Lion: Journey of Detaching & Rising to "Royal" (true) Power

Take a GIANT LEAP in your ability to create, enjoy and connect to the pleasures of earthly living. CATS are a powerful, beautiful and unique Spirit Guide. They embody the Quality of 'Detachment"... and you can now too! Detach from the past, from fears the hold you back, from unhealthy people, thoughts and beliefs!

Detach from a lack mindset, or a pattern of guilt, blame, or disappointment! Detach from who you thought you were, and find the joy in being fully present, not being afraid to ask for what you want and enjoy yourself fully! So much more is possible, when you journey with these CAT Spirit Guides!


Animal Spirit Guides -SPEAK!

1 - Receive the E-book of Each Collection you Buy! (Release date - 2 months after the release month)


Collection #1  of Guidance, Healing and Inspiration
IMAGINE a clear connection and communication with

5 Gorgeous Multi Sensory Guided Audio Journeys for Deep Transformation

Spirit Animal Guide #1 Serpent & Plumed Serpent

Journey of Transformation & Shed the Past, Awaken the Lifeforce & Open the Inner Eye

The serpent, or snake, is one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols. Snakes were revered as powerful or "gods" due to their ability to SHED THEIR SKIN... and renew. Be one with the earth and move in flow. Serpents are also seen as 'pathways to enlightenment", imitating the movement of sound waves and the transformation from physical to spiritual. 

Open your Inner Eye - the God Horus, the Uraeus, the Snake on the crowns and over the 3rd eyes of gods/goddesses/royalty and the awakened 3rd eye is represented by Wadjet, the Egyptian Goddess. Here you see her in the classic eye of God, the snake coming from the 'Inner eye" (pineal/pituitary spiritual glands) out of the forehead to manifest your inner visions into the world.

In this powerful shamanic journey, you will reclaim your higher purpose because you will 'shed' the OLD (thoughts, self image, beliefs...) and re-member your spiritual nature (represented by feathers or wings).Many highly evolved, yet connected civilizations have places the Serpent has the most honored Animal Spirit Guide. The Maya (Kukulkan), Aztec (Quetzlcaotl), Egyptians and even the ancient Toltec and Atlanteans had sacred temples to connect and communicate with the energies and power of this Animal Spirit guide of TRANSFORMATION.

Snakes represent the Kundalini, life force or Chi, that runs up the center of your body from the 8 original cells that hold your blueprint, to feed the 3rd eye. This is called the Staff of Hermes or the Caduceus, the symbol of western medicine -the 2 snakes intertwining up a staff. Hindu God Vishnu was protected and connected to infinity through Shesh Nag, the 5 headed cobra that he sat on and who protected him. The tradition of the power of life and enlightenment through the powers the serpent teaches is long and ancient. You now, get to shed the old, open the inner eye with this power.

What better way to begin the end of the year and decade then by SHEDDING the old with the guidance and power of the Sacred Serpent guide! Allow yourself to trust and letting go so you become a new you fully connected to your highest self, and reclaim your crown of feathers (spiritual power).

Spirit Animal Guide # 2 Dolphin

Journey of Joy & Remembering your Bliss

 The dolphin spirit animal guide is the most joyful and etheric! Dolphins can scan and see your body and energy and realign you. They raise your brain frequency to a level of Bliss where you can transcend the mind and the troy and feel true joy and harmony. They are intelligent, and playful, powerful and protective and they know how to balance it all. They only sleep with half their brain at a time, so are always awake, aware and present. The dolphins will take you into your ancient memories and help you resurrect what you have forgotten - your purpose and powers, some long forgotten. Allow the Dolphins gentle, loving essence lull you into the rhythms of nature and purification of the ocean waters. Let this sentient guide open your heart to unconditional love, and your mind to the abundance of the infinite field.

The dolphins are extremely enthusiastic to be one of your guides to prepare for the new golden age... because they want you to PLAY with them, and bring balance and harmony back to your body, mind and life.

Spirit Animal Guide # 3 Iguana

Journey to the Ancients & Intuitive Awakening

Iguana Spirit Animal Guide is a symbol of your readiness to enter a new level of personal power and intuitive abilities! Iguana is an ancient consciousness that can calmly lead you out of confusion, overwhelm or struggle. Iguana will guide you back into your own flow and re-connect you to “Above & Below” awareness, a key to manifesting and enjoying life. Iguana energy represent full intuitive awareness while also being one with their environment.

Iguana energy is ancient Dragon energy and is filled with untapped strength. Their deep intuitive insight is going to open you to the stillness and the ability to blend with your environment. Iguana shows how stillness, Kindness and understanding open new solutions. Iguana is here to remind you that meaning is key. Iguana asks you what makes you happy? Are you seeking that bliss and harmony that is your unique joy?

Iguana spirit guide wants you to trust your intuition and insight and will take you on a journey to stop the busyness and be still.

Iguana energy is about acceptance. They seem to do nothing, and yet they watch everything. Their keen vision and full presence in their bodies allow them to communicate physically and intuitively. Seek balance between relax and work and retreat from the busyness into the harmony of iguana. Ask and Iguana will show you the way. Iguana uses their tongue to listen, to look and to taste their environment and will help you deepen your senses and drop out of your mind.

Spirit Animal Guide # 4 Dragonfly

Journey to thru the Veil of Illusion & Remembering Your Prosperity & Happiness

 The Animal Spirit Guide Dragonfly holds both the ethereal energies of air, ether and moving between the worlds and the power and magic of the Dragon! The Soul of the dragon is HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY! The agility of dragonflies to shift direction, and move backwards with elegance and poise give the qualities of peace, harmony and strength. Dragonfly will take you past your illusions, barriers and under the surface of your ‘masks’ and dive deeper into the meaning of your life. This magical journey will tap into the realms of dreams, creativity and multiple perspectives. Gain the incredible ability to see and be in more than one reality at a time (compound sight)! See past what stops you, zoom through fears and around old blocks and soar through doorways of new, prosperous beginnings.

What a blessing to have this guide getting you ready for the new year!

Spirit Animal Guide # 5 White Tiger 

Journey of Personal Power & Walk through Any Challenge Courageously

 The WHITE TIGER completes our journey into the new year with the power of inner strength, courage to walk your own path, detached from others opinions (yay!). White tiger will take you to regain the personal willpower and conviction you have lost to walk through any challenge and passionately live true to your nature. This is a powerful totem and guide - combining the sensual relaxed presence and self trust in the body with curiosity leading to new adventures (like 2020 and the new decade). White tiger is rare, and unique, and stands out, and shows you that you are as well. The perfect energy to carry you through the year end in and into the unknown world with confidence, ease and assurance. 


Animal Spirit Guides -SPEAK!

1 - E-book release date in 2020

What if you could Communicate with your favorite Animal Spirit Guides?

The dragonflies are dancing outside the sliding glass doors of my beach home 'office'. As I gazed at the ocean tuning my energy into my writing project... they kept attracting my attention and soon I was off on a reverie with them!
They journeyed with me, taking me beyond the illusion of my reality, past the forms in front of my eyes... ocean, palm tree, hammock, pelican. We sailed through the veil and into the mist of shimmering blue and green energies. I was lost in this mystical, yummy journey to another realm long enough to feel surprised as the ocean slowly came back into view and I felt the ocean breeze again... heard the gentle waves...
I LOVE dragonflies! For many years they made me feel magical, innocent like a child, and full of wonder. I always felt like something wonderful was about to happen when they appeared... and disappeared. They indeed do have the symbolism of moving through the veil of illusion, being connected to etheric realms and they bring a message and blessing every time they come!
This made me think of what how important animal spirit guides have been in my life!

After I "grew up", I began to find my way back to my magical communications. I awakened to my purpose and got on my spiritual path.  
 This began with animals and I re-opened my ability to communicate with nature and spirit realms (I had as a child - how about you?) I connected with animals and they guided me into the world of spirit, healing, energy... and unconditional love.
I began a business called "Gentle Touch Animal Care" petsitting animals in my town where there were more horses and dogs than people. This led me to study with animal communicators, Linda Tellington Jones animal healer and other exceptional healers and pioneering energy researchers around the world.
I did more and more healing with animals and then their people asked me to heal them! I mentored with an amazing woman in France who created entire maps of the energy centers and other elements of dogs, cats, and horses so healing frequencies could be specifically attuned to them. We treated up to 20 or more people and animals all around the world at the same time with radionics instruments (frequency healing and other energy medicine like homeopathy, flower essences, and more) and I got to see stunning healing results!

I always loved animals & in New Mexico ("Land of Enchantment") and they guided me into healing. My healing and spiritual path opened quickly as 
new worlds opened before me from metaphysics to Native American traditions. Shamans, power vortexes and sacred sites, and spirit channels guided my awakening.

I’ve had so many powerful, multidimensional experiences from Egypt to sweat lodges with Native American Shamans, most beloved in my heart are my first loving guides the animal kingdom.

I even spent 4 months studying at the Albuquerque zoo becoming a docent, a volunteer. I got to go 
behind the scenes with the keepers and touch many animals, even held a python! Walking alpacas and teaching about the white tigers was an excuse to go be near nature and animals.

I began to increase my senses and connection with animals and animal consciousness that were no longer in the body. I worked with people's animals on behavior, illness, and dying. The more I touched and 'spoke' to the animals, the more healing and insight they gave me. This led to me doing animal communication and healing, even after they left their bodies.

One day I was looking at the white tigers before I went home. I adored them and yet, felt a deep sadness they were in captivity. Suddenly they were in my head, loud and clear "Please stop that..."! 

They explained that by feeling sad for them I was dragging their energy down. Sending pity or seeing them as victims was hurting them energetically, not helping at all! They showed me how when you see someone as powerless you disempower them!
The white tigers said they were here on 
purpose and they were strong sentient beings who had a destiny of their own. They asked me to respect that and to admire and love them for their choice. This would build them up, give them strength, and in return they gave me a HUGE leap in my consciousness.
Animals are powerful healers, they are not attached emotionally like we are and they hold powerful wisdom and abilities and have missions to fulfill! They have energy structures that help them to use their powers and they bring a specific QUALITY to the planet to share. Dog's embody the 
quality of loyalty. Cats embody the quality of detachment.

Through the years animals have continued to be important healers, companions, and guides for me and my work. They moved from being only physical animals to Animal Spirit Guides.
My cat Sasha walked with me a long time after her physical body death. Horses are my sign, and as I learned to heal with them, I felt an understanding within of my true nature I had not been able to access through my low self-esteem programming. During my sweat lodge with the Sioux, an owl 
came to me in a vision. I began to speak with ants, spiders, and other insects and we came to an agreement about coming into my house because I didn't want to use poisons. I worked with people who had visions and healing from animal spirits and after moving to Mexico 3 years ago the dolphin dove into my life and the jaguar animal spirit guide came to me and has guided me since to Xman (shaman), and sacred places and healings.

All my BlissLife equinox retreats have been filled with magical experiences like so many bees buzzing they levitated us! Rare birds toning and singing with us during our meditations and birds reweaving and attuning our crown chakras.

reweaving and attuning our crown chakras.
A tarantula even crawled into the middle of our circle on the top of Coba, the tallest ancient Maya pyramid at dawn while we were there in ceremony and died!!! That's a huge honor if you know about spider woman who weaves the web of the world choosing to transition from her body and leave her energies with us during my guided activation!

The animal spirit guide power is immense and deep right now as we prepare for a very important transition into 2020 and a new decade! I am called once again to travel, talk and vision with them...

Animal Spirit Guides -SPEAK!

Four Collections X 5 Gorgeous Multi Sensory Guided Audio Journeys = 20!

Every journey is different, and is 100% relevant to what is going on in your life right now. You can come to these journeys with a specific topic or leave it up to your highest good to guide you to release or reclaim “WHAT IS OPTIMAL FOR YOU AT THIS TIME”. Saying this declaration makes sure you are protected and aligned for the best experience for you.

Because these are conscious energies, they will work with you real time when you do the journey. All channeled journeys are wrapped in a powerful light structure and preprogrammed to be aligned to what is best for your higher good and Soul path. Soul travel is a way to see, feel, sense and remember who you are, what happened, why you are stuck, what it feels like to be free of fear and who you are designed to be! You will regain a sense of self and real love for yourself.

Your Animal Spirit Guide communicates to you in a way that's best for you each time you do the journey. Because you shift so much in these journeys, each time you do them you will have a new upleveling and a new healing. Sometimes you will feel the shifts, see visions, and even adjustments in your body right away! Sometimes you may slip out of awareness and not feel the shifts till later.
Whether conscious or not, the shifts and transformations these journeys offer a real and very deep. Respect this work, and care for yourself as you integrate and your reality catches up with your spirit journey and LightBody changes. You may feel emotion or tears come up, accept it. You might be given direction, solutions, or creative inspiration. You might be assisted in letting go of old karmic knots, limiting beliefs or feelings of betrayal or guilt. Enter this scared experience ready and willing to let go and rise to your Soul Signature frequency. It's safe to travel with your Animal Spirit Guides. It's fun to receive future visions, and visit places of healing or initiation. It's time to let go of the past, shed what you thought you were and what is possible, and enter the field of infinite potential with wise, loving guides.

These transcendent, transformational experiences awaken your senses, help you to recognize and release unhealthy habits and beliefs that no longer serve your highest good. The transformation is a mystical and magical sensory experience in the higher realms of consciousness, while being effective in the realms of physicality, mind and emotion as well. . This helps to raise your vibration to a power state, like courage, compassion, trust... and transcend the struggle, pain, fear or confusion.

You are never alone with your Animal Spirit Guides, and once you begin to journey with them, they will be at your side, in your dreams and showering you with guidance, synchronicities and love!

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A Month with Nan!
1, 3, 6 month packages
Awaken Your Potential, Free Yourself from the Mental Programs that Keep You (includes High Income Hypnosis™

These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment.
You can pick a focus, or let your Highest Self decide what is best. You will receive exactly what is optimal for your highest good and Divine purpose at this time.
It may include any and all modalities I use, and almost always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process. : Sample of what is possible is: Chakra and Lightbody™ healing, energy activations, reconnections, Soul retrieval, healing on all dimensions, past life experiences and transmuting Karma and more. You can meet and speak to your guides, body and Spirit council, anyone in any time space reality. You can travel to other worlds and retrieve your abundance, free yourself from Soul contractors transmute your money, success and happiness patterns. You can flip your DNA on and end old low vibe patterns... you can heal grief, loss and let go of the past so you can be fully present for your powerful purpose to unfold.
● Done live together on Zoom and recorded
● 1 - 90 Minute Session
●1 - 60 minute Reading sessions live  
● 2 - 15 minute emergency calls
● 1 Planning & Strategy Call per Qtr
● 3 weeks per month of Email and text access
● All sessions Recorded for you
Total Time Live with Nan - 5.5 hours/mo
Monthly Price $1997

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#1 Intuitive Reading & Channeled Guidance & Energy Cleanse
Recorded and Sent to you
● 30 minutes
Price $150
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#2 Past Life Reading & LightBody Energy Healing Adjustment & Reprogramming
Ready to launch a new idea or career and want to be sure you never repeat an old pattern again? Want to know why you have fear of speaking up, money issues or keep attract depleting relationships?
Nan will do a "KEY" Past Life Reading for you - guided by your highest self, this powerful, revealing reading is what is most important for you to know at this time to solve the issues currently blocking you from your purpose, success, Money, joy or healing. Includes any or all of the following as guided: energy and light healing, channeled messages from your guides and any remedy suggestions and next steps.
● Done live together on Zoom or Skype (or recorded and sent to you if needed)
● 30 minutes
(Email [email protected] for any questions)
#3 Past Life Regression & Deep Healing Experience Karmic Contract Transmutation, Akashic Records LightBody Journey
Deep Multidimensional Healing and GUIDED HYPNOSIS & SHAMANIC Journey for Past Lives that hold the blocks, keys and powers you need now to succeed.
We dive into your LightBody™ and DNA Codes and Soul Map and heal along the way.
(Reading, energy scan and Channeled Message included as relevant)
● Done live together on Zoom or Skype and recorded for you
● 60 minutes
● Two Email follow ups: Nan will tune in and tune up twice after the session and send an email with any other info that comes in, and you may respond and ask follow up questions
● Recorded and given to you
Regular Price $555
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