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Join Me and over a dozen experts around the world as we show you behind the ‘scenes’ of this global awakening. Let’s explore the acceleration happening on the planet now. This is for you if you’re experienced or new to your intuitive gifts. We will open doors of understanding and guide you on processes to strengthen your gifts and expand your awareness.

This is a chance to walk with others and be supported and healed as you find the path your Soul Intended.

You have gifts you have never imagined… and talents beyond your comprehension.

It’s time to accept and enjoy them!
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Host, Intuitive Readings & Awakening Process

Rhy Thomas

Crystal Bowl Readings

Louise Matson

It’s Time to Be Unapologetically You!

Waxela Sananda

Entering the Golden Realm of New Lemuria

Rita Louise

The Mysteries of Psychic Experiences Unveiled

Tracy L Clark

Elevate Your Life

Karen LaGrange

Alchemy Turnaround Technique – for Reversing Negative Energy Into Positive Energy

Carol Nayach

Maintaining High Frequency in Times of Transition

Jennifer Longmore

How To Navigate The Ascension Process With The Akashic Records

Rachel Harris

Rooted Spirit - How Mother Earth Supports and Nurtures our Intuition

Monique Hunt

Ancestral StoryClearing – Heal Generational Poverty Wounds to Increase Abundance

Liora Brunn

Awakening as a Birthright

Catherine Tetreault-Ayotte

Activate Your Multidimensional Self

Donna-Marie Hallessey

Transformational Energy Healing

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Awaken and Accelerate your Divine Gifts and 360 Senses for intuition, healing, light work, Clair’s, interdimensional communication, light languages, and live a multi-sensory soul-led life!

This gathering of the BlissLife Global Healing will open doors to new levels of your true intuitive nature. It is time to use the accelerated energies to awaken and fine-tune your subtle and psychic talents and Clair’s (clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizant) and more of your 360 senses. 

Let these expert intuitives, healers, and speakers help awaken your natural ability to hear, see, know, sense, and direct subtle energies and heighten your senses. You will receive easy tools and powerful processes to Awaken your Intuitive Gifts now!

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