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Do what you love

By February 21, 2007May 21st, 2020Blog

“The purpose of life is to be happy” a friend of mine had engraved on his new ipod. I agree, and I would add to be in love and have fun,always. When you do, you actually flow with grace and ease thru life.

A good friend said she was looking for what to do with her life, that was in alignment with what she loves. I told her I was so glad that she was intent on only doing what she loves, it is all that is really important…I am so focused on that. In order to create your own reality you must do what you love. When you really beleive you can do what you love and you make it important to always have fun and be happy, then you attract more of what you love. People and things all falls into place…it is Faith at such a deep and expanded level. It’s about listening to our selves, not others, and being our true essence.
This is alot of what I think about lately, because I am changing my life and inner self at a such a deep paradigm shift level right now. I am meant to learn this all the way (and I mean to the CORE of my being and life!) and then help others get it too. People are trained to make life hard and not listen to their inner selves, and then we wonder why we are unfulfilled, unhappy, unhealthy. We are taught to listen to others before ourselves and to see things from others perspectives..this can have benefits, but was never meant to be the way to do everything.
are the only one who truly knows what is best for us. The only thing that clouds that guidance is our need to know what others do, think and feel. When we care what they think, it moves us away from our true inner knowing of what we want and what we do and where to go to get there. So much energy is spent consciously and unconsciously, trying to figure out what others think, worrying what others think or doing what others think. We can reserve all that energy for enjoying our life, when we listen to ourselves and feel carefully, openly and in complete trust to our own guidance, inner voice.
The only one who knows what we love,
what we want, how we feel is us. I know myself, you know yourself, better than anyone else, and you are an expert on you, I am an expert on me. This is what we can teach children and each other and ourselves, no one else knows better than YOU what is right for YOU. Allowing ourselves to listen to our own inner voice first and last and always, also allows others to listen to themselves.
You may want to try this; I am consciously paying attention to whenever I do not ask for what I want, and for when I feel I am deciding or choosing or thinking based on what anyone else said, and then intentionally turn my thoughts back inward. Then I notice why I am not asking and what it feels like and if at all possible I do ask, right there and then. I also have a committment with myself to listen to my inner voice and follow it in faith.
It is so empowering to be myself/yourself and not what anyone else wants me/you to be. The more I/you listen to our inner self, the more I/you can follow what will brings us joy
, follow your bliss.
The more I believe at a heart level that being yourself/do what you love is my purpose, the more I do it easily, naturally, joyfully. I am “supposed to ” (Oh finally a GOOD “should”) do it…be me, think as me, act as me, choose as me, if I BE ME, I am doing the right thing, it is fabulous. The same applies to you and everyone. The more I consciously choose it and ask for what I want the more I feel I deserve what I want and allow myself to want & expect it. This leads to me doing it more and the easier things get. A nice cycle…

We are only lost and confused about what we want and what brings us joy because we do not listen to our inner self all the time and ask others. We ask , either actually or in our minds, many people what they would think? We tell others the stories of what is happenig in our lives, if it sucks, (usually) or if it is great. The issue with doing this, is, even though we feel at some level it bonds us, it allows us to know each other better and it gives us other perspectives or “objective advice”…it keeps us stuck to the stuff we do not like. We keep it close, attached to us, as we talk about it. When we do this, as we have been trained, we actually create more of it and it keeps us from seeing, what we want. We can only think one thought at a time. We can only create what we think.

Thinking about what we want, seeing ourselves having it, this is creating your own reality, this is what we do every day, every minute…think & create. Thinking creates what we have, who we know and what we are.
The power of being us, is we always do what we love. No one chooses what they do not want or like unless they think there is a reason or benefit. If we listened to our own I AM presence, we would never do, think and attract anythign that we do not like. Only momentarily or when something is new….and then we would immediately reach for somethign we like. We are all like kids inside,we want, we dream, we pretend, we imagine…when we also beleive…we get exactly what we want.

Yet we have trained ourselvews not to want, not to expect, not to allow our imaginations to run away with is. We were taught to be what made others feel safe and comfortable. To do what they wanted if we wanted love, affection, acceptance. Luckily, you are the only one who has to accept you, and you have complete control over that.When others say/said ” deal with what is real” …well, you create what is real for you and you do not have to agree with anyone elses vision, you just have to paint yours.
And you can paint it colorful and you can fingerpaint or make mud pies if you want, your life possibilities are unlimited, the only thing that lmitis you , is you not being you.
I have a great idea for you guys, Chris, has a book he has written and we have been playing the games in it..way fun! They are to find business ideas based on what you love to do. I play it “backwards”…I take an idea I think I would like to do or am drawn to and I break it down into components, what it involves and what you do and then look at those components and say “are these things I love?”. If they are all things you love, then it will be a good match, if there is a lot in it you really do not love, then you could play with it to see what you might.

Do what you love, and not what anyone else wants…and you will have the life you desire.

Joy Joy Joy








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