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Empower Your Childs Learning

By April 17, 2007April 18th, 2007Blog

How do your children feel about school? Are they excited and happy about learning and school? Are they confident when faced with something new? Can they recall their facts with ease? Do they stay calm and focused when taking a test? Do they love to learn?

They Can!

Free multiplication Audio to teach and uplift kids

Now you can empower your kids with a foundation of self worth, a positive attitude towards learning and inner calm when taking tests and doing homework. You can inspire your children to be excited about learning something new, and see it as an adventure.

Kids create their own realities too! We can show them through our examples and guide them with our love and we can now offer them a fresh, joyful, positive way to see, and feel about, learning.

A lot of learning environments are not inspiring to kids… people all receive and retain information differently. Different environments suit different children, even adults. But everyone learns with repetition and learns quickly and permanently when you bypass the conscious critical mind and go directly into the subconscious mind.

I created audios for my kids, to enhance, empower and assist them in learning. They are smart kids, and yet the environment is not always conducive and they are new to tests, even thought they are 10. Using positive, empowering statements to relax and uplift, I prepare them to be open and receptive to the math facts which follow. Interlaced through the multiplication tables (1-12, for perhaps 2-5 graders), are more loving and encouraging affirmations of their natural abilities to remember with ease, have fun learning and feel great about them selves.

From maintaining a sense of calm prior to and during tests, to restoring an excitement to learn, to installing thoughts of fantastic self worth, these audios help kids to have a natural openness to learning and a natural knowing that they can always easily access their knowledge.

The 17-minute demo is available for free…to anyone who orders and agrees to send in their feedback. The feed back can be from your kids, someone else’s kids or yourself; either as a parent observing your kids, or as an adult thinking how this would have helped you to learn when you were growing up. I will release the final version next week. I am so excited to hear the feedback…this is the start of a series of audios to help kids learn, focus, gain self worth and confidence and to enjoy their lives and themselves.

We have the ability to learn while we are sleeping or awake. We learn more quickly and permanently when the incoming information goes directly to our subconscious mind.

These audios are simple and uplifting, they empower your child with confidence and self worth, they offer positive encouragement and a loving attitude. This opens them up to receiving the math facts, such as multiplication tables, easily. They can recall the information with more and more ease and speed every time they listen.

Play it while they are asleep on repeat and they will be downloading self empowerment that will translate into every area of thier lives.

I wanted to uplift and inspire my kids and give them the self love that leads to a fulfilling life of joy. Help me help other kids too, tell others and lets inspire the children to believe they are able to learn easily and to believe in themselves, now.

Create your own reality, inspire children to that same power and knowing.

To order your free multiplication Audio to teach and uplift kids send an email to [email protected] (Limited time).