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Play the Happy “What if…?” Game

By September 7, 2007Blog

A friend called me tonight. He said something I had told him had a huge impact on his life. His girlfriend’s too.

He’s an old mastermind buddy, so we often share our challenges, successes and insights. I told him I play the Positive “What if…?” game.

You know the “What if…?” game we are taught as we grow up? Well, it’s not technically a game, but it is. You worry about “What if this doesn’t work” “what if i don’t get the job?” “what if i try this and I fail?”…and so on.

The typical way is negative. Thinking “What if; all kinds of terrible things happen if I do this or that?”. This is bad for your mood, morale and manifesting! How do you create what you want when you are busy giving all your energy and attention to the scenarios you do not want?

I had decided to ban ever saying a “What if…?” statement, when I got to thinking, “What if… (ha ha) I did say it and it was about the good stuff?”.

What if I succeed? What if I meet the man of my dreams today? What if I lose weight and feel great and can do all the things I want to do? What if I make a million dollars?  What if the people I love are all happy and healthy?

Now, that’s a fun game! I highly recommend it! Try it, ask yourself a “what if…?” question about something you really want, phrased  like “What if ;the best thing I could possibly hope for happened?”

My friend said he and his girlfriend were having some difficult feelings. His business was having challenges. He was feeling down. He decided to try my idea, and so they both  began to speak in positive “what if..?”‘s and it totally turned his business climate and relationship around to positive feelings and excellent results in as little as a week.

Try it, you’ll like it!