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By September 10, 2007Blog

You’ve heard of E=MC2… ever think about it? I don’t.

Then it came up in conversation and it was like a light bulb went off… I saw it from a totally different perspective. Equations go both ways. They are equal. Whatever is on one side is equal to what is on the other! We are all equal, even at a microcosmic level.

Ever heard the concept that we are all one, all connected, all made from the same stuff? Literally it is true.

We are all energy, all things are energy, money is energy, tables, cars, food, animals, everything!

I have known and believed for many years we are all energy vibrating at different rates. I have done a lot of healing and other vibrational work, toning, and so on.

Energy, everything, I mean everything, is energy.

So at the most basic premise of it, we are the same, we are all love, we are sun, we are all money, we are the same as all these things. Energy.

So if that is true and like attracts like, you are a natural magnet to ANYTHING. You are the same as everything you want. So be yourself and you will have what you want. Be happy and more happiness comes, feel and imagine success and money, and it will show up, it will be attracted to you, it is your equal.

So you no longer have to fear money or other things you want. You no longer have to work hard to get what you want, make it or even be good enough to deserve it. You already are equal. Equal to anything you want, and yes, connected to it, and one with it.

Wow! You already have everything you want! Just reach out and grab it and have a blast!