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Create Your Reality: More Tips

By September 18, 2007Blog

Here are some more great ideas for helping you create the life you want in all aspects. Yesterday I gave you 3 things to do. Here are 4 more…enjoy! Let me know your experiences please!!

More tips on Creating Your Reality Now:

4. When you see something is not the way you like or want, do not focus on it, discuss it or think about it very long. Instead think about what you do want and how you would want things to be different than they are now. Think only of how you want them to be, no longer about what you do not want. Then begin to think of more and more details, feelings, sounds, smells, tastes and every nuance of it would feel if it was how you would want it to be, exactly. Do not allow your mind talk to tell you you can’t have something or something is not possible. Do not stop to judge whether you are worthy of having it that way, what others will think or why you have what you don’t want and judge yourself.

5. Do not think about HOW you will do or achieve what you want at first, or even if you feel it is possible. We are not interested in “realistic” points of view in this exercise. We want you to tap in to the powerful energy of pure wanting . We want to build the belief that we can have and deserve what we want.

6. Pretend to be a kid, let go of any responsibilities or ideas that have told you that you can’t do or be or have, whatever you want. “Act as if” you are playing ‘let’s pretend’ as a kid and you get to pick whatever you want to be, have and do…anything!!! No boundaries, no limitations. It can be silly, it can be fun, serious, big, little, anything.


7. Then begin to feel like you would feel if that were true now. How would you think? How would you look? How would it feel to look and think that way? How would you talk? What would you buy? do? Who would you be with? Where would you be? What would you be doing? All the way down to details like, how would you stand? What would you wear? What groceries would you buy and where from?

I can’t explain how powerful these tips are. I use them to great success, and they are fun, and the more often you do them, the more natural it is to you to do it even unconsciously. Then your life really takes off and if you keep track of your successes. Every time you see something you know you intentionally manifested, celebrate it! Write it down and read later for inspiration, take yourself to dinner, take a day off, get a massage…2 hours!!! The more you notice what is coming true and what you have that you love, the more that of what you love appears in your life to notice! Isn’t that fun!?.

The law of attraction works so well, that all you have to do is tip the scales a little toward feeling happy, joyful, excited that all you want is coming true now. The faster it begins to happen, like rolling a ball down a hill. You get it going and as long as you feel happy and believing that it is coming to you now, (what you want), the more it picks up speed down the hill and you don’t have to DO anything.

Joyfully Create…it’s a win win, feel good, and get what you want in your life…how cool is that?!

You can have it all.

“you have to make feeling good the most important thing…” Abraham-Hicks 

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