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“Imagine a monthly income you can’t Outlive”

By September 20, 2007Blog

“Imagine a monthly income you can’t Outlive…” said a caption in a free magazine…mmmm, yes indeed!

I cut it out and put it on my vision board immediately! (Watch for more on vision boards, they rock!)

What a great idea! I had imagined “I have more than enough money”. I had affirmed “I am a money magnet”. I had repeated “Money comes to me easily and effortlessly from expected and unexpected places”. I had envisioned an unending , constant flow of money pouring into my life/bank account/business. I have even put up signs in my room similar to; “$30,000 comes to me in June, easily, joyfully, permanently” and put checks written out to me for large amounts on my mirror. It’s all awesome. It all works.

Never thought to put it quite like this though. I love it. It represents limitlessness. No boundaries, think bigger then big. See broader than ever.Always push yourself to go for what you want. Allow yourself to desire the ultimate. Go for it all. Now, of course.

So let’s think of what that means…to you. What would an income you can’t outlive be like to you? What dollar amount? What lifestyle would that represent to you? WHat would you do? Who would you be with? It means you can have anything you want, and never worry again, ever. Now.
Could you?

Could you never worry? Could you ask for and go for what you truly want deep inside? Ponder it.

See in joy~