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Stress Eraser works even while driving in traffic!

By October 1, 2007Blog

When you sign up for the newsletter, you get a copy of our “Stress Eraser” Pure Binaural Audio. I want to share my experience with that just the other day. It worked like magic!

I have a friend visiting from England, and we were trying to make some appointments and could not get to where we wanted to go. Every freeway exit for over 3 miles was closed in one direction, all bridges across the freeway from the other side and the access road, were all closed. There were more police cars, firetrucks etc. than I had ever seen. I drove up and down trying to find any way to get into where we wanted to go. The traffic was stop and go both ways. It took 20 minutes to go one exit and get off. Back and forth, extremely slowly I went, every road was blocked.

Normally I am calm and do not let outside circumstances upset me (because I know I create my own reality… so I choose to be happy). However, this time I let the combination of circumstances frustrate me and soon I was feeling so stressed and trapped.

My friend was maintaining well and I realized I was getting worse and I had to do something to calm down, and fast since the circumstances were getting worse.

Suddenly I remembered I had my IPOD with me, and on it I have our “Stress Eraser Pure Binaural”. I quickly put on my headphones, told my friend I was going to listen to something for approx. 13 minutes and I started the audio.

Now the great thing is, I still drove, in heavy traffic, I still was able to concentrate and function, and it completely released all my anger and stress!

There are no words on the Pure Binaural series, there is no hypnotic induction, no music. They are purely ‘binaural beats’ that we designed to train your brain. The stress eraser is amazing, I can actually feel the stress pouring off my back, out of my cells, and my brain and body calming down. You do not have to “do” anything, you just have to listen. I have also done this while working on the computer in a situation where, again, I could not stop what i was doing in order to calm down.

This is amazing, being able to release all the stress in your mind and body without even stopping what you are doing! You can relax and close your eyes of course, which is good for you. But what value it has to be able to keep driving and be able to calm down while still in the situation.

Within 15 minutes I was happy, relaxed, joking, ignoring the traffic jam and having fun. The circumstances did not change around me, I changed inside me. And I did it without any effort on my part. I felt great!

Pure Binaurls are incredibly easy and powerful. We have also created ones for waking up in the morning ( no coffee needed!), feeling happy, increasing memory and more…watch for them here on our products page soon. Powerful , easy and effective, my favortie thing!!!

In the meantime, sign up for the newsletter and get the “Stress Eraser” for Free!