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Send Yourself an Email

By October 2, 2007Blog

Send yourself an email with powerful uplifting, exciting, fun, funny, moving, sweet, appreciative comments. Make your own day for yourself.

I also send myself text messages with happy uplifting comments. I also put them on my calender, sometimes repeating daily at the same time. Kind of a reminder that I am loved, or to think of something positive, or to feel prosperous…whatever I want to instill in my consciousness that will help me.

Be creative with this. Especially if you know you will need energy, support, or love when you are doing something difficult. I had a friend send me encouraging text messages when I was in a lawyers office for something unpleasant, it made me feel so great, so supported. It changed the whole experience. I even have affirmations and meditation statements on my calender that shows up on my phone.

You can also have others do this for you. Have a friend, mastermind partner or accountability partner send you text or email or call you to say something wonderful.  It will keep you positive and feeling good and  you will feel so supported. A gentle reminder in the middle of your daily actions is a great energizer!