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“Something I do very soon becomes a hit”

By October 4, 2007September 8th, 2014Blog

If you would like to play along with me, please use this statement of limitless potential (power affirmation) for one week.

“Something I do very soon becomes a hit”

Use it in your head or out loud at least 3x a day, as many times as you can remember.

Set a timer or a reminder in your calendar to stop at certain times to take a few seconds and say it.

If possible and comfortable, go further and spend 5 minutes visualizing something you do being a hit. You do not have to know what it is.

If you do know what you want, see that happening for you. See and feel yourself doing it. If you do not know,
then focus on seeing how you would celebrate or how you would feel just hearing the news or seeing the big paycheck or
getting the big opportunity. General things you would do and feel.
Please journal (just write or type it) about how it makes you feel and what happens. You can journal as much as daily to
as little as once at the end of the week. Please share your experiences with me. Thanks for co creating more ways to powerfully create your own reality now!
Love lift you up,
Create yourself a fantastic day!