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Amazing things happen when I visualize!

By October 5, 2007Blog

Amazing things happen all the time in my life. Visualizing what I want while feeling joy is a powerful tool.
I see it more, celebrate it and enjoy it. When I do that (see more good than not)…I GET more amazing things.

My “Joyful Creating” audio is accelerating my manifestation!

I just had something happen, exactly as I had visualized only 2 days ago! I took a moment and let the joy, amazement and thrill go all through me. I said “Yes, Yes, Yes” and other positive empowering statements, recognizing I created it, and I allowed it into my life!!

I mentally affirmed over and over; “Thank you… I did this… This is great!… Everything I want is coming true now!… My visualizing work is truly magical and I can create anything”. (I highly recommend you copy that down and memorize it or keep it in your wallet, so you can say it any time ANYTHING manifests in your life that you know you intentioned.)

My visions of what I want to do, be and have are getting clearer, feelings are stronger and they have even started to take on a life of their own, it is fantastic. (More in another blog on that!).

Celebrate!! Since feeling good, joy, love, is the most powerful fuel to creating your reality now, always celebrate every manifestation in your life.

Next time I will tell you about my vision and what happened, effortlessly, yesterday…too fun!

Love works!