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Something That I Love About You

By November 23, 2007Blog

Thanks-giving was wonderful! I am ever so grateful for the day I had and the people I shared it with…and for you!

Here is my “Thanks” gift to you…a wonderful way to be thankful and show it to those you love!

Creating your own reality is an ongoing process. Everyday, all day, what you think, say and do is either bringing into your life what you want or what you do not want.

Being genuinely appreciative of other people in your life is a very powerful experience. You make someone else feel great, which makes you feel great, and we always want to feel good! It also attracts more appreciative people and energy into your life.

Once, I heard or read somewhere an idea to enliven and enrich your relationships. Any kind of relationship, friend, business associate, family member…but certainly a romantic relationship.

The idea is to say to the person;

“Something that I love about you is…” and then talk about something that you genuinely love about that person.

You’re giving a compliment. You are being grateful. Make sure it is sincere. Choose only things you genuinely feel.

You’re recognizing something that is beautiful and wonderful, and you are giving it your attention.

A benefit to you is that then you’re going to attract more of that wonderful quality not only in that person, but other people and in yourself. And, you are going to make that other person feel great. You are going to make yourself feel really great too. Because, you’re going to start to notice more and more wonderful things about people.

Do this frequently or daily if you can or at the very least weekly. Of course, the more often you love and appreciate others, the more often that same energy will roll into your life in some form.

Now, if you make it one of your missions to say at least one thing like that to someone everyday, you will see wonderful things happen!

Best part of all, you can say this to yourself! In person in a mirror, in your mind or via an email or voice message to yourself! Try it! Be gratfyl for yourself as well as others. Tell yourself “thank you”…Tell yourself “Something I Love about you is…………”

Thank you Thank you Thank you!