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My Gratitude Journal

By November 25, 2007Blog

I felt thanksgiving time here in the U.S. was a fitting time to share my gratitude journal with you.

Some of you may have heard of a gratitude journal . It’s a simple and lovely idea that can be done in a few minutes a day. You simply write what you are grateful for. You can do it daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes you. You can write in a journal, on computer whatever you prefer, you may even want to record it in a digital voice recorder.

What is so magical about doing this is, it focuses you on what is good in your life. It makes you stop and pay attention to the wonderful people, experiences and things in your life. Then by writing it you think about it in more detail. Then you can review it and you will begin to see how much you have in your life to be grateful for.

On top of this you will begin to attract more people who are grateful for you and life. You will see and feel more things for you to be grateful for. Gratitude will fill y ou up and you will begin to see almost nothign except reasons to be grateful.

Here’s an excerpt from my Gratitude Journal:

“…I am so grateful for the very happy and fun thanksgiving day. I loved the laughing and playing with my girls. We had a fun time playing monopoly, and they played, joked, and shared. They were able to play wthout being concerned about winning, yet playfully competitive! It was so fun. I loved the way that Mike played along and conspired with Sierra. I loved the way my beloved teased and joked with my kids. I loved the food, prepared with love and care. I appreciate the kind invitation and the relaxed and joyful day. I loved the wine, and the jokes, the conversation and the way Chris touched and kissed my hands. I loved the way Dakota ran around and wanted love from everyone. It was a family gathering despite my having none (except girls). I loved being able to thank everyone in my life and bless them. It was the most fun thanksgiving I ever had. Thank you, thank you , thank you…”

Your entries can be smaller or longer, whatever pleases you.

Oh, and thank you, for reading this and sharing gratitude to those around you. You can change the world. We are.