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Look for What you Want

By November 26, 2007Blog

I have recently started to use a different perspective on manifesting. I am always looking for ways to help me create my reality, manifest what I want, and do it with ease and joy. Something I realized recently is the intention of “looking” for something.

We want to do and think with intention. If not, we get all kinds of things in our lives we do not want. So, in the process of examining my ‘thought intentions’, I decided to make “Looking” for what I want intentional…an active intention!

Years ago I learned that when you “lose” something, like your car keys, you have to be calm and let the answer come to you, or look for it with the intention of finding it. Most people walk around talking about how they “can’t find it”! It is a simple switch, and it works, now I walk around my house saying “There it is, there it is…” over and over. I also visualize myself seeing it, finding it. I always do.

Well, that’s a nice tip for daily things, and it works. However, now I am talking about something way more powerful; You. Your life.

What if you walked around intentionally looking for you? The ‘you’ that you want to be, now. Intentionally looking for your life; all the things in it you most want? Expecting to see what you want there, everyday, in every way.

I will write more tomorrow about this, but for now, try this:

Wake up in the morning and say “I am so excited to see all the wonderful things in my life today. I am looking for, and easily see the things that are leading me to all I desire.”