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Looking for What you Want part 2

By November 30, 2007December 13th, 2007Blog

The other day I talked about how I now “Look” each day to see what I want. Intending to see the good positive things I want in my life and the indications that it is happening. Any little thing at all. I plan on seeing “proof” everywhere I go, everything I do each day. Proof that what I have “asked” for from the universe (really multiverses) is coming to me.

This is easy and yet as a new “habit” you do have to focus and remember to do it at first. I find it easy to do this in the morning, I wake up and before I get out of bed I close my eyes and I say what a wonderful day it is going to be. I say to myself what I want to have happen, and I also see it as vividly as possible.

“I know what I want is here now, and I see the clues leading me to it all day. I know today I will easily and effortlessly see my path to my ‘vibrational escrow’ light up” (Vibrational escrow is a term Abraham Hicks uses to mean everything you have ever wanted, asked for, passionately desired, is already waiting for you. Energetically it has been created, and now it is your time to line up with it, then you receive it).

When you look for something, you find it. When you intend to find something, you do. When you are determined, committeed, absolutely expect to find something, you do whatever it takes to find it. You make it happen.

Same thing here. Look for what you want to show up in your life every day. Look for it with passion and excitement. Expect to find it with the anticipation of a child. Feel joy as you confidently look around you! Intend that you “see” the people, opportunities, experiences, resources and ideas that you need in order to manifest your desires, now! You have many eyes, inner eyes, physical eyes…use them all to follow the trail to your dream life!