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The Children of Your Soul

By December 6, 2007Blog

“Cherish your visions and your dreams, as they are the children of
your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”

~Napoleon Hill~

Interesting….your visions, your dreams, that which you want most, are the “Children” of your Soul! Wow, I love that.

As a child we are taught imagination is a child’s game, fantasy, not “real”> Adults tolerate children’s play and imaginary friends and such, but only to a point. Only to a certain age.


Why is it we aren’t all, at every age seeing the power and blessings of our visions? Why aren’t we all cherishing our dreams? Well, it does not matter anymore…because if you are reading this, you know somewhere inside of you, that YOU create YOUR own reality. So now, you can throw out that old attitude, for yourself and all others in your life!

Now, you can love and nurture your dreams, your conscious ones and your sleeping ones. Now, you can give due weight to the ideas and images that pop into your mind and heart. Now you can have what you want.

Give a beautiful gift to yourself and to others this wondrous month of giving and light and love. Allow yourself and others to dream, to believe in your dreams and to treat them with the respect and love they deserve. Indeed, cherish them, as Napoleon Hill suggests.

They are creating your reality right now, whether you know it or not.

Give the gift of encouraging your friends, loved ones and especially your children to keep on dreaming. To keep on believing they can make their dreams come true. You are the ONLY creator of your reality. Noone else can do it for you.

Your dreams and visions are literally mapping out your future experiences. That is power. Not foolish child’s game. It is a powerful life game, that will change your world inside and out. You can touch others more when you are joyful. When you start to cherish your visions and love your dreams, miracles happen. Beleive in them the way you do a child or a loved one. Believe in your Ultimate achievements now, and they will be your reality faster than you know.

Love your soul’s children, they are yours and they are gifts that will give you the life you have always dreamed of here and now.