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Would you send yourself a Birthday card?

By December 13, 2007Blog

It’s my birthday and I decided to send myself a card!

I had a wonderful party planned and created by my beloved. I got lots of beautiful presents and cards. I had kind and loving people around me and who blessed me with their appreciation of me.

I am happy happy happy….

…and I decided we should celebrate ourselves as well! We benefit when we are happy and love ourselves. so why do anything less than what others do for us or vice versa?

Send yourself a card, take yourself out to eat, buy yourself a present, treat yourself to a get away with just you. Reflect on your own beauty and worthiness. Shower yourself with love and appreciation. you deserve it.

You will be so delighted when you receive the card in the mail! You will forget and then it will arrive and you will feel great. And why not do it for other occasions as well? Appreciate yourself and you will see more to appreciate in yourself and you will attract people who also appreciate you!

Happy Birthday to me!