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Graffiti? A way to your desires?

By December 15, 2007Blog

Do you put up written affirmations or goals where you can see them? It is powerful. I have put up typed sayings and goals on my mirror, I have printed powerful statements of limitless potential onto bright colored paper and taped them up all over my bedroom. Once I had over 43 of these ‘signs” in my room. That does not include my bathroom! My beloved prints banners and hangs them in his office along the walls. I have also taken business cards, turned them over and written one or 2 words on them that are empowering and uplifting and taped them everywhere from phones to car rear view mirrors…there are so many many ways you can boost your manifesting and your power mind programming with visual cues. There will be many more, with great stories of the awesome results in the upcoming “Create Your Own Reality Now” course!

My newest favorite way is is writing or “graffiting” on my windows!! It is a blast! I found these “washable window markers” in the art and craft section or stationary section of stores. They come thin or wide (I like the Crayola Window Mega Markers” they have a fat tip and shows up best). You can write all over windows and mirrors and wipe it off at any time! My kids love it too. They can have fun, decorate, write what they want and like and then wipe it off and it looks like nothing was there!

I write notes to my loved ones on their bathroom mirrors, I write statements and power words on my own windows and mirrors…it is fun because it is not permanent, and you can change it easily.

Here are a few samples of what I have on my huge glass sliding doors that look over the beach right now. (See I am at the beach for most of December, it is a dream I have had for years and I made it happen! More on that another time…). “LOVE”… “HAPPY DAY!”…”I Allow my desires in…now! with ease and grace”.

And my favorite one right now, because I see it and behind it is the beach view which I love; “THIS IS MY LIFE!” (Both an affirmation and a statement of of confirmation and gratitude)…wow, so powerful!

There are endless possibilities, you could even write on your TV or your car windows! Be creative, enjoy, have fun with it and empower your creative process. Graffiti your desires into reality now!