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One Mind, One Heart, One Soul

By December 19, 2007Blog

Music expands me, raises my vibration. Lyrics move and inspire me. I feel so good. What a great way to feel joyful and create your reality! You can change your mood and uplift yourself with music. You can inspire new ideas and help see your dream life in more detail and color. I had lost touch with it until I met my beloved, he has over 700 CD’s. He loves almost every genre of music. He enjoys and appreciates it so much, it is contagious.

I spent the day walking, dancing and singing on the beach. I had it all to myself for almost 5 hours. I walked in the waves and chanted, sang mantra’s, listened to inspiring and uplifting music. I watched the waves, I thought about what I want my life to be like this coming year. I watched the clams roll with the waves back and forth and then “squirt” back into the sand. I created visions of my ideal life in my mind. I fed the birds. I blessed myself and my loved ones with love, peace and light. I stood in silent communion with a giant heron, 10 feet away. I felt at one with the universe. It was a perfect day.

It was pure pleasure, and I did my most important “job”. Create my life intentionally by feeling joy and asking for what I want. Seeing it in my mind, feeling it and being appreciative it is coming my way.

Here is some of music and mantra’s I love to listen to to create: Anything by Omashar. My favorite songs are “One heart, one mind, one Soul”, “I give my love”, “Precious One” Check out his website or look for some of his music on Itunes.

I also love the mantra’s he did for The Gaiadon Heart. (A revolutionary New Light Body activation process, to explore the deepest potential of your soul awareness to Re-member the true light being that you are.) You can get ‘The Heart Sutra’, ‘The Lotus Sutra’, ‘Gaiatryi’, and ‘Om Mani Padme Aum’ to sang to music and also a track of just the instrumental. It is like being in a movie, it is so uplifting!

I also love Joseph Michael Levry, also known by his spiritual name Gurunam, . Producer and performer of the ‘Healing Beyond Medicine Series of recordings and Rootlight Sacred Music Cd series. “These are created during the most positive and healing phase of the moon to magnify the beneficial impact upon the listener… they are created in accord with the natural and healing laws of the universe”.

His chants and mantra’s to music come with translations and are very powerful, protective, healing . I play them and sing them for my children when they go to sleep. Make sure you listen to the “Ong Pray of Light”, It is stunning.