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My life is perfect and I am excited to add….

By December 29, 2007Blog

I created a phrase that I have found to be very powerful in continuing to create my reality intentionally. I am always looking for ways to increase my alignement with my desires. Seeing, expecting and receiving  what I want in my life is an ongoing, daily process. I look for ways to feel like I already have what I want, as that feeling is the energetic match to what I want, and like attracts like! Law of attraction maximization!

“My life is perfect and I am excited to add __________________”

This is a powerful phrase that will both show the appreciation and recognition you have (or want to have!) for what you already have and are living. This saying also puts you in a wonderful vibration because you are allowing room that although you love your life now, you always want to be adding more of what you now realize you want. You are alwasy changing and fine tuning your desires. This keeps an open energy to allow in what you want, as well as powerfully charges your energetic magnet to keep attracting the good that is in your life and bring you more of it.

Remember, by saying your life is perfect is powerful. It does not mean you do not want more or different things. It does not mean you are lying because you prefer some things to be different. It acknowledges you have created what you now have, and shows gratitude for what you have. This always adds to your personal power of attraction. I am seeing more perfection in my life daily as I say this also, because I am telling myself that my life is perfect, so i automatically look for what is perfect.

Try it! You will feel good when you get used to declaring the perfection of your creations and you let go of “trying” to be perfect. You will attract more things you feel are perfect and you open your energy field to adding more of what you want to your life.