You Can Heal Your Life

By January 4, 2008 February 6th, 2008 Blog

I am so pleased that one of my favorite mentors/teachers has come out with a movie. I have watched it and highly recommend it. (See the trailer here)

Louise Hay, founder of Hay House and author of many inspiring books including “You can Heal Your Life”, now has her story on film . She is one of the queens of affirmations and her works have literally saved my life. You see, about 13 years ago my daughter Jordan, died at birth. I had spent about 6 years trying to have a baby, lots of roller coaster of emotions. Once I was finally pregnant, I was so high with elation and joy…yet it ended in loss. I really cannot imagine how I would have survived that without Louise and her books. They gave me hope, inspiration, a lifeline to hold onto, a practical way to release the pain and blame, to stop feeling like a victim and see the gift in the experience.

Her works also lead me down the path to teaching others mediation and other empowering methods for inner peace, self realization and taking control of our own lives, minds, thoughts and emotions. Her powerful affirmations…(which I call statements of limitless potential) can show you how to change your thoughts and beliefs and attract what you want in your life.

She now has a movie out about her life, and it is wonderful! I highly recommend it. It includes interviews with many people like Abraham Hicks, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Christine Northrup and more.

My life today is a wondrous experience. I have beautiful twin girls and a most loving and amazing man in my life. I create my life daily in joy and turn the pain and challenges into gifts and opportunities. I use affirmations (or what I call statements of limitless potential or SLP’s) all the time in my personal life and my products. The power is life transforming.

Please enjoy the movie. Order now and you get 20% off!!! plus a free gift! Click here to order “Heal Your Life” The Movie

Also look into Louise’s books and cards if you have not used them…the “You Can Heal Your Life” book is what I used to overcome depression and hopelessness. Check it out!

While you are at it, here are some other things that are uplifting and life changing that Louise Hay’s publishing house, Hay House, sells, you may want to check them out here.

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