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Need Help Creating Your Vision?

By January 6, 2008Blog

Visualizing, imagining and feeling what it will be like when you are living the life you desire is vital to manifesting it. I thought of a fun way to help.

You can get weather from websites to show up on your home page when you open your computer. I use

I have started adding other cities to the weather I see on my home page. I have added to my city, a place a few hours a way on the beach that I love to go to. Since I have been here at the beach a lot this last month, I  wanted to see what the weather was like. Especially as you do not know the place you are in like you do your home.

Now I have added places I want to go or live. This is very exciting. It is exciting becauseit tunes you into what you want daily, or even mulitple times a day. it triggers you to think about it. Then you can spend a minute imagining what it is like there because you see it is 82 degrees and where you is it is 30 degrees, perhaps.

I am thinking about how you could do this with maps….

I also encourage you to put a picture of what you want, whether it is a house, a place you wabnt to go or a picture of who you love, on your computer desktop. Put one up on your mirror or make a collage or vision board.

Use visuals to help you see and feel the vision of what you want, and it will come to you even quicker!