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Law of Attraction Stories about Animals

By January 8, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

Do you love animals? Whether you are a dog or cat person, a horse or ferret lover, you have a story of how your animals companions came to you.

I find the stories of how people and their beloved animals came together, and what they went through to get together, magical. Especially when you live with an animal for years and your egt to know each other at a depth that is almost impossible to relate. When you know their personality, and what they do for you, how they love you, you can look back and see that they deliberately came to you. You attracted each other.

Just like anything else that you have manifested due to the Law of Attraction, you have attracted these animals into your life.

I am writing a book and making a movie about these moving and inspiring stories, and I want your story!!

It can be about an animal you live with, or a wild animal you rescued or one you encountered in a special way. Each time we interact or see an animal there is a connection, a message, an exchange of energies. Honor and enjoy them…and send me your story!

Click here to send me your story.

I am honored and pleased to hear all the wonderful stories of your animals.