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Insights From The Beach

By January 12, 2008Blog

Spending time at the beach is my favorite thign to do. I feel free, relaxed, peaceful, happy…and I connect with the water, wind, sand.

Nature inspires me and I see insights in how nature goes with the flow and trusts that all they need and desire is always around and is always provided. I see how we can see ways to create our own reality from how nature lives.

Yesterday a Portuguese man o war (looks like a jelly fish but isn’t) gave me an amazing insight!! Herons and seagulls, clams and ducks, turtles and sandpipers…they all have amazing things to share.

I’ll let you know when this inspiring little book is ready, in the mean time look around you, wherever you are, in a forest, a city or desert and see what insights nature has for you to live a life of ease, joy and wealth in all areas of your life.