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Rent Your Future

By January 13, 2008January 18th, 2008Blog

I am always thinking about ways I can simplify my life, be more in the now; doing only what I love. This is why we are here, is to try things out, decide what we like and live it. I find the hardest part for most people is feeling like they have what they want, taking the idea of what you want and tuning it into a living vision.

I always want to find the easiest and most effective way to feel the vision. To train my mind to think always of what I want and how it will feel.

It is like painting a picture and stepping into it.

The idea of “Renting your future” came to me. Actually stepping into the ‘you’ that you want to be and feeling what it is like to be what it is you want. Practice stepping in and out of the body you want and imagine how it feel, what you would wear, or who you would be hanging out with , what you would be doing. See from first person (inside you) , almost like a virtual game.

Do whatever boosts your ability to see, visualize, re create, and feel what it will be like when you have all you want. You can do things like watch videos or movies of bodies you like, how they move, what they look like in different clothes, then see and feel yourself in a body like that and what would it feel and look like, what would you do, how would you stand. Take a walk on the beach imagining your body with all the energy you want.

Do the same with the house you desire or the job or business you want. Feel what it would be like and see yourself actually doing things with the loved ones you seek. Be specific,.

Imagine you are going to rent a body and a house and a pre-formed life. It is a made to order rental place, you fill out the form and submit it. You give all the details of what you want (ever see “Total Recall”?Kinda like that, where he chose an identity and all and they implanted it into him for a “trip ” so to speak).

Next blog: we’ll look at a form that will guide you in filling in the details of this rental experience…live your future now!


Keep moving forward