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Know the rules for the Game of Life?

By January 20, 2008Blog

Ever feel like you were dropped into the game of life without knowing the rules? How do you play a game, from basketball to chess, without knowing the rules by which that game is governed? You can play, but you will flounder a lot…guess… sometimes win. Mostly be confused because you are guessing your way through. In order to win the game of life, essentially Create Your Reality…literally, you must understand the rules…and practice them!

Remember, there are few games you have ever played that you won the first time out. It does happen, as in life we have all had successes; things have gone our way without us even knowing why. This is what we sometimes call chance, fate, luck or even accidents. Yet none of that is real. What is real are the laws of the universe, and since they never sleep, fail or take sides, once you know what they are’ you are in for the fun ride of your life. The one you always expected and wanted!!!

Now, remember though, you have to practice all games to get really good. You have to unlearn what you knew before and develop new thought patterns, actions, beliefs and attitudes. So be gentle on yourself, don’t get upset if everything doesn’t instantly go your way the minute you learn that the Law of Attraction exists! Focus on what you want, feel good, read books that inspire and uplift you.

Remember the movie “the Matrix”…what did he do? He learned the rule of the place he wanted to change (“reality”), and then he went beyond them..broke them…and he won! Stay tuned for how to go beyond the rules and win!