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Today I think of those I love

By January 21, 2008Blog

Today I think of those I love. Here, at the beach in South Texas, the wind is cold, the waves are rushed and view is steeped in deep dark colors. I love the beach. No matter what the weather. I prefer the warm days when I can walk down the beach, dance with the waves in my swim suit. But the power and energy of the ocean, the changing and shifting wind, the animals that go with the rhythm of the whole place..they give me peace in my soul, joy in my heart and freedom in my mind.

I can breathe…

I have been in such pain the last year and a half through a divorce that has taken paths unimagined. I have watched people I love turn to hate and hurt themselves and others …me. I am usually very good at letting this go, blessing those who hurt and seeing the good in them. Sending them the light.

And ..yet, now and then the pain comes through and I am amazed that people can hate, not see the beauty in the world … blame others for their emotions and life. I wonder how people can not feel the love that is everywhere around them … and then as I look towards this pain, I fall..hard…
I have now turned my sights on the pain, not the love that I know is everywhere.

Then those around me that do love, that do see Divine in all…those who have chosen to see light, love, peace and joy in everything … they show up. No matter how many times I get drawn into the other world.

I am so blessed with some of these loving people. They have given when others won’t…can’t. Forgiven and loved when most don’t know how.
I am truly blessed to know these beloved souls. I am honored to say they are my friends.

When I look at these poeple, when i look at the beach and feel the beauty, the love…joy begins again to be born in my heart and little by little and find my way back to the truth of the univers. Love. Only Love.

And I know, that I too, am one of these people who love, who spread joy, who see the beauty in othes and in the world. I know that I must BE this person, to SEE these people. I must be the joy and the love. I must be whatever it is I want in others, in order to see, find, meet, attract anyone or anything that is living and expressing these qualities.

This is Creating your own reality. You choose what you want to be, and what you want to see. I want to be and see Joy, Love, Beauty, freedom….and so much more. When you are these things, when you value them, you feel them, you then will see them in everyone and everything around you. Even the people who you think cause you pain. Even the people you think hate.

Choose to see loving, joyful people. Be loving and joyful to those around you. Your choice will create your life.

Your life will be beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you for choosing to create the life you want. I see you as a joyful creator. As a loving being that spreads beauty and happiness wherever you go.

You may never know the joy and healing you bring. Just be the healing for you and it will touch others too.
May you be blessed 1000x with what you give.
Love, Nan