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Meditation Moment: Awaken Your True Self on YouTube

By January 22, 2008Blog

My new video series “Meditation Moment” just released today. It is on many video sites, including YouTube! You can see it here on my website, or click here to see it on YouTube.

It is less than 2 minutes and is a beautiful video I took of the sunrise over the ocean! This first one is called “Awaken Your True Self”. It is about looking within and letting the rela you out. Not censoring who you are for anyone else, but being true to yourself. Allowing your true inner feelings out and following your own heart and desires. This is how to truly live, to attract the life of your dreams. To find real happiness. Let your beautiful, unique being out and share it with the world. You will find those who think and act as you do , and it will expand the joy and wealth, health and love in your life.

Here is the meditation.

You may want to print it, and read the affirmations at the end, and repeat them often. Repetition is one of the easiest ways to install empowering thoughts into your mind.


Awaken Your True Self

Allow Your Precious Inner Being to Rise within you

Like a Sun rising over the ocean…

Glowing and growing

Brighter and stronger each moment…

Shining your power & energy out into the world,

You are a radiant being of light…

You light up the world by being you…

The You that always feels good 

Only YOU know who you are

What you can do…

What you want to be…

Look inside Yourself now…

Let out what you have hidden…

Like a Bright Beautiful Sun

Know you are safe to express the real passions that are inside you

Know you are loved, loving and loveable

Know you are special, unique and amazing

Awaken your true self and Shine your Beauty on the world…now


I now give myself permission to Awaken my True Self,
I now allow my True Self to shine brightly at all times

I am now willing to share my True Self with Confidence

I now choose to Radiate the Joy of my True Self…