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Stop Justifying Where you Are

By January 26, 2008Blog

Most of us were taught through example to justify where we are, what we have, especially if we do not like it. This is very powerful energy you put out when you do this. When you complain, especially with passion, you are pumping up your “Law of Attraction” magnet inside you. You are drawing to you at very fast speeds what you DO NOT want!

It is so common to hear people justifying why they are still at a job they hate or with a partner that treats them poorly. Why they haven’t lost weight or found a lover. Justifying is actually what certain people around you want… no even expect you to do!! Say your parents or your boss, or your teacher. Do they want to hear what you really feel and want? Do they want to hear all your dreams and passions? Not usually.

Do they want to hear you say something like “Oh I know I am have been overweight, and now I understand the law of attraction so I am thinking of how much I love my body and all it does for me, and I am being happy when I eat and I am letting go of thinking certain things are bad foods, because it is my beliefs that make that real…” HA! NO! They want to hear you justify/make excuses to them why you have or don’t have something, why you should be able to do something…. Just say NO!

Realize this is the other persons issue, not yours! Others want you to act a certain way because it fits in with their beliefs and makes them feel better. If you behave the way they want, then they feel they have “done their job” or “taught you a lesson” or helped you ‘see the light”. Only see their version of the light. Not yours! Stop doing it now! It will lead you to….(well we know what some others would say, something negative), but really, it will lead you to joy, happiness, love, adventure, and so much more. Don’t justify your limits, celebrate your limitlessness!

No one anywhere has a clue what you really want or feel. So stop justifying yourself to others …and to yourself. Start saying positive powerful things to yourself and others that make you feel good. Yes, you are SUPPOSED to feel good! Even as an adult!!

When you justify your undesired circumstances, you keep them glued to you. When you recognize that you may not be where you really want, but you are excited because you are going to where you want now and not going to make any more excuses, you feel good. Say: “Yes I tried this (whatever it is you no longer want), and now I know even better what I want and I am creating it right now!”

How do I know this? …personal experience!

Here’s some examples of how to turn around what you may normally think or say:

Perhaps you wish to change your body size or weight. Someone says something or you feel you say something like “Well, I really eat healthy, but it all just sticks to my thighs” or “My parents were so controlling and so when I got out of the house I just ate a lot because no one was telling me what to do anymore”. What happens when you do this? You re affirm to yourself and your body that you have no control over your body and you hold tighter to that weight or size. Think about some of the common phrases people have that they even paint on signs and put on their walls, like : “Once on the lips, forever on the hips”…who thought that up? It;s horrible, It;s a crappy belief and it will do you now good, no matter how funny it sounds. Stop saying things that create what you do not want!

Instead realize this: You do NOT owe anyone (that means your parents, friends, teachers, kids or even your beloved partner) an explanation of why you are who you are, doing what you are doing or being what you are being. You only have to be true to yourself.

Start to realize that making others comfortable by perhaps insulting yourself or justifying why you do what you do, only keeps you stuck. It is not your job to prove your worthiness, to please others, (especially the negative criticizing ones), or to explain why you want what you want. Start now by talking to yourself in a nice, powerful way. Say perhaps, “I know my body is not what I now want, and i now know what I want and this is it…and then begin to describe and visualize the body that you want, and keep your words, thoughts and ideas on what you want.

Don’t justify who you are, start to self talk nice , positive, lioing things and then expand that out to others. Don’t explain, create~!!