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What kind of body do you want?

By January 27, 2008Blog

I just created and recorded a new script for the ‘Unleashing Your Limitless Potential’ series. The last one was on prosperity and wow…it is powerful! This one is on health, vitality and creating the body you desire. I am creating 2 more scripts and then a meditation called “Joyful Health”.

I would love to know what you want. How you want to feel in your body? What you want to feel, look like and so on. I am focusing on energy, vitality, clarity…

Effortlessly achieving your ideal size. Releasing dis-ease, pain and excess weight and finding ease, comfort, and optimal weight. It is about you releasing what no longer serves you, no judgement now! And increasing the good feelings and health you desire. It’s turning out awesome!

Let me know what you want, and I will use your inspiration to empower this powerful audio series for you!

It will be ready in February…watch for it!

To your health!