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Law of Attraction for Kids

By January 31, 2008Blog

I wish I had gotten this blog out earlier…however, it is always timely to teach kids about law of attraction!
Rhonda at is doing awesome work in helping parents and all of us to understand how we can best share this powerful information with kids. We all benefit from understanding the law of attraction and alllaws of the universe. We can begin to live consciously and create our lives intentionally.
It absolutely thrills me to be able to raise my girls with these concepts. I can barely even imagine what it would have been like to have grown up knowing I had the power to create my life. I can already see that thye think differently and they are amazing manifestors!
Most everyone on the planet has felt powerless to change or affect their lives at some point, if not for most iof their lives. That is just the way it is in most cultures. We are taught to be outwardly focused and to believe that things just happen and we have to deal with them. Or perhaps you were taught you have to suffer and become perfect to deserve to have what you want. Whatever it was, it is rare to find someone who was raised in an environment that said you can have anythign you want and you are the one who controls that, follow your inner guidance, not what others tell you is right for you.
So please, even if you do not have children of your own, check out Rhonda’s site. She is having a teleseminar today for free with law of attraction expert Elyse Hope Killoran, Law of Attraction (LOA) Coach, Teacher and Mom of two boys. It is at 10:30 Am Pacific and 1:30 pm Eastern. If you miss it I know she has a replay.
I am also going to be interviewed for her cd’s…I will let you know when that happens.
SO check out “How To Share The Law of Attraction With Your Kids and Teens”…it is happening TODAY.


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