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See it! Believe it! Know it! Expect it!

By February 1, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

Know what you want? Are you sure? No hesitation allowed! You should be shouting “YES!!!”

If you are saying, “well…I am not sure…” or “I don’t know….” then you need to change and Fast!!!

Either you are not saying what you want because you think you don’t deserve it (self worth/esteem issues …everyone has or had them!)…

…or you are embarrassed or shy about saying what it is or of sounding pushy/selfish (you are too worried what others think, everyone does that too…you are not alone in these things!)…

…or you have never given yourself the time and respect you deserve in order to actually figure out what you truly want (I didn’t believe this was possible, but I have a very good friend who is like this, it amazes me!).

Well, start right now with this: the next time you know what you really want, no matter what it is, no matter how big or small; See it! Believe it! Know it! Expect it!

I’ll clue you in on a few things I do on a regular basis. They aren’t earth shattering, but they prove to me daily that I AM the creator of my reality!!

Noticing the things you made happen is very powerful! We are taught in our world to trust and look for “proof”. Physical, tangible, scientific proof. So start seeing that around you every day…look for what you want (see these 2 blogs about look for what you want 1 and 2).

So here are some things I do, and really enjoy: I change the weather ALL the time, I get parking spots when and where I want and traffic clears for me, all the time…these are easy, simple things. I expect friendly people to be wherever I go, I notice what I like and say in my head “I like this, thanks you for this, more of this please”…that brings more too!

These things happen though, because I have chosen to believe they will it. I have taught myself to expect it. I know it is true because I have kept a proof journal. I practice seeing it within my mind. (Try the Joyful Creating Audio to help with this).

I have chosen the belief that I create my own reality and no one else can change that. You have to do that too, if you want to live the life you dream of, now.
No matter what you think or what you may have experienced, I know that the reality I am experiencing is my own doing. I see what I see and experience and feel what I do because I have chosen to! (I saw James Ray recently and I loved it when he would say “I know what I know and my certainty will overcome your doubt”)

Because what I know & believe is that I create MY own reality. I DO NOT create anyone else’s reality, ever, in any way.

So allow yourself to know what you want, know you will get it, see it, expect it…and enjoy it!