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Find your Feel Good Button

By February 3, 2008Blog

I gave my beloved a “feel Good Button” for his birthday last year. (No not THAT kind of feel good button!) You can see his blog about it here.

I bought it at a hallmark store. It was about $10. One of the best $10 I ever spent!

We still have it, it travels with us, sits prominently displayed wherever we are and it always the center of attention when people come over.

It is such fun! I round green button that says “FEEL GOOD” on it, when you push it it plays a snippet of James Brown’s song “I feel good, (nah nah, nah nah ,nah nah nah) Like I knew that I would yeah….”

It makes me and everyone smile. My kids love it. It cheers me up when I am down and it enhances my mood when I feel good.

Everyone dances to it!

Get a feel good button in your life…yes, get ones of these, but even more, find one inside of you. A place, a thought, a memory , a visualization, a person that you can think of that makes you feel good whenever you think of it.

There’s nothing more important than we feel good. Really. It sounds like a too good to be true fantasy, and I know I was taught the exact opposite in my life but I am a firm and powerful believer of this. I do whatever I need to do to get myself into a good feeling place as often as possible.

Why feel good? Well, for starters, isn’t that what you ultimately want anyway? To be happy, filled with joy and excitement? Of course! Second, if you feel good, you attract more things that make you feel good and when you have more around you to make you feel good, you feel even more good….see the snowball effect here!?

Not to mention you will attract other people and situations that feel good and you can create and allow in what you want with so much more speed and ease when you feel good.

Find your feel good button today and push it!


  • Tim says:

    I’ve searched high and low (online) for the “i feel good” button…any idea where I can find one? I know you said that you found yours at a hallmark store but I’d rather buy it online given the option. Thanks!

  • Linda says:

    I have seen that button. We have one at work in the kitchen. It is awesome. I push it everytime I walk by it. The power of suggestion is awesome. So I embrace the fact that I feel good nah nah nah nah nah nah nah!!