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“ALL problems create opportunities”

By February 6, 2008Blog

“ALL problems create opportunities.” Napoleon Hill

Well, for me that is truth…I guess you would say I have chosen to believe that, as we do with any belief we have. We choose it. There is no TRUTH that is the one and only all mighty truth that everyone believes, no matter what we were told or taught. Only we can choose what is true for us, and it changes, ever notice that?

Each one of us has a different set of thoughts we have turned into “truth’s or beliefs. You, me and even our kids decide what is true for ourselves.

A mentor I had used to say “What you believe, is true for you…and nothing else”

Well, what have you decided is true for you?

Are “problems” as a problem?? Do you complain about them, tell them to anyone who will listen? Do you see them as lessons, challenges or opportunities? Do you see gifts and goodness in all that happens, or do you feel like your life won’t get any better until the problems stop?

Do you look around yourself each day and say “wow, i wonder what wonderful new possibilities this will bring into my life?” Napoleon Hill was famous for thinking positive. He helped millions change their lives by doing the same (Jack Canfield!) . Don’t poo poo positive thinking, you can’t change anything or let positive things and people into your life unless you Do think Positive.

It’s the best place to start. All the best things are simple. See problems as opportunities, in business, relationships, health, love, everything…

One of my friends just applied this statement to the real estate market right now. Yes, the real estate market! Ever notice how some people thrive no matter what? What do you suppose they are thinking?