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Follow every rainbow till you find your dream…

By February 10, 2008Blog

I watched the movie “The Sound of Music” tonight with my family. I watched the movie many times growing up and remembered all the songs.

I was amazed, however, at the positive messages that were all throughout the film. Below I have listed the messages (some are lyrics from songs, some characters strengths and such), I saw in the movie that relate to the concept of being positive, thinking of what you want and creating your reality. Enjoy!


Overall the concept of

~ “You have to look for your life”

~ Being true to yourself, despite pressure, others opinions or even Nazi’s!

~ Following your heart

~ Facing your fear

~ Celebrate love above all

~ Spending time with those you love

~ Allowing those you love to be themselves, self express

~ Speak up

~ Be independent, positive and help each other through

~ Think of things that you like, they help your dreams come true and they help you feel good and to get over fear

“My heart will be blessed with the sound of music”


Keep going, keep faith, do whatever you need to do to make your dream, your life !!!


“Climb every mountain,

ford every stream,

follow every rainbow

till you find your dream”