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The ‘Create Your Own Reality Now’ Experience

By February 14, 2008October 3rd, 2020Blog

An exciting opportunity is here!
Are you ready to maximize the Law Of Attraction?
Do you want the $ Money $ ~ Love ~ Health you’ve been asking for, now?
Do you want to actually LIVE the life you dream of right now?

Well then here’s your chance to accelerate your dreams into
The ‘Create Your Own Reality Now’ Experience Weekend

An Experiential Weekend on the Beach with Dolphins & Wild Ponies


~ To bring your dream life into your reality now ~

An empowering, open, fun, loving and luxuriously beautiful space
where we will bring your ideal vision to life.
Get hands on experiences in creating your ideal life and bringing it into the now.

Ready to increase your Wealth ~ Love ~ Joy ~ Health NOW?!

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I look forward to sharing this amazing experience with you!
To your ideal life!
Nan Akasha