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women in business online opportunity

By February 23, 2008Blog

I found a great site that is about to create a listing of Who’s who in women in online businesses. There’s only a few more days, so get over to WE Magazine for Women and sign up, the deadline is February 28th, 2008.

Below I have copied the basics of what their parameters are. It is a great opportunity for your business, and also to go to to find other women to do business with. Creating your reality includes getting your business out there and having the success you desire happen now. Financial success is just the tip of the iceberg. When you have a business or you choose a business to do business with, you connect with others and start an energy flow. You can benefit yourself, your family, other women, and so many more people when you consciously choose.

It is so wonderful to see the ripple of energy that happens when we choose our own paths to success and we support others as well. I love mastermind groups for this reason. I get support; emotional, business and much more, and I get to support and uplift others too. I love to find people and businesses that sync with me in an energetic and spiritual way, not just based on their services. So support the women in your life, your mom, daughter, girlfriend, friend or partner. Let them know about this opportunity and let’s continue to allow the positive energy flow outwards, uplifting each other and expanding prosperity for all!

About the Who’s Who Directory of Women in eCommerce:

The Who’s Who Directory is a brand new directory resource that will list women who have an online presence either in the form of a website or blog and who either promote a product or service via one of those vehicles (or make money through affiliate sales). The woman’s site does not have to have a shopping cart to qualify, just be one of the ways your customers and clients can find you. The information will be published online and promoted via our websites, media releases, WE Magazine for Women and our global network of women’s organizations.

The main criteria for being listed: The woman-owned site/blog submitted must be at least 1 year old. We review all entries prior to inclusion and reserve the right to exclude any sites we deem offensive in nature. Want to get listed? Send your Name, Company Name, Company Slogan or Tagline and Website URL (in this order) to heidi(at) with Who’s Who Directory Listing in Subject Line.