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oprah and eckart tolle online class a new earth, awakening your life purpose

By March 3, 2008Blog

oprah winfrey is having her first ever online class starting tonight. She is featuring the book by Eckart Tolle “A new earth; awakening to your life’s purpose”. Oprah and the author will discuss the book chapter by chapter.

I have not read it yet, only looked through it, but I am all about awakening your life’s purpose! In fact I have a new special report coming out Friday March 7 about this exact topic! It is called “Take your life back and live it now; 7 easy steps to start living your passion” . Come back and check it out on Friday!

During each class oprah and eckart will discuss each chapter. It is a 10 week class that meets each Monday night at 7pm EST.  Go to to sign up. It’s free and over 400,000 people have signed up.

Even if you don’t know if this is for you…it’s worth checking it out, it’s the world’s largest classroom meeting live on the web…just that is exciting.

So see if this is a path that will help you create your reality, go to now and sign up right now!