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daily motivation; to persist or not to persist…making motivation work for you in a positive way

By March 8, 2008Blog

I joined a group called :Daily Motivation on Facebook. This is what I received today, see my comments below

The power to hold on in spite of everything, to endure, this is the quality of a winner. Your greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time you fail.

It’s your constant and determined effort that will eventually break down all resistance and sweep all the barriers before you. Persistence means taking pains to overcome every obstacle, to do all that’s necessary to reach your goal.

All great achievements require time. Endurance is the crowning quality of success.
Eduardo Dancel”

I like the motivating energy in this message and value the overall idea. Yet there are some distinctions I feel are very important;

~I agree that you always keep going, do not give in to ‘perceived failure’ and now I think you do that IF you feel good, and are lined up energetically with what it is you are doing. Not keep pushing forward on something that is not in alignement with who you are. You must also know when to stop and reassess,and when to see if what you are doing is still what you truly want. Never give up if it is your passion. Know when to quit if it is ‘upstream’ for you.

~I agree SOME things take time, and now I believe that time is a concept we decide to believe and that if we do the ‘inner’ work first, things do not necessarily need to take a long time, or we can shorten the time by truly being in 100% belief that what we want is there.

~I agree that persistence is important, if you really want something it is worth continuing forward and doing what is needed, and I believe that is often inner work and not just massive outer action. I DO NOT believe that means “taking pains to overcome every obstacle”…life is not meant to be a struggle, it is not meant to be hard work and it is not about suffering. I do agree that persisting will get you results, however i think it includes the following: staying focused on what you want, not what you don’t and not on what you think is”bad”…failing. Keeping your thoughts and mental focus clearly on positive visions of your end result, not letting anything that looks like it is blocking you from what you want or seems it is not working get any of your time, energy or focus. I believe that making sure you feel good, stay happy, upbeat and expecting what you want to come true…never doubting. These, along with taking inspired action (outer, physical action when you really feel inside that it is time and it is beneficial) is the key. So do persist, absolutely never give up your dream and never let anyone else tell you you can’t have what you want. But do it with inner an outer alignement, not the traditional work hard and suffer.

Choose ‘persistence’ because you are continually choosing what you want and staying positive and clear.

~ I also do not think you have to “break down all resistance”…resistance means you are doing something that you are not mentally, energetically, emotionally and spiritually lined up with. If it is all a struggle stop….and look inside. Is it internal resistance? That is worth looking at to see f it is telling you this is not for you, it will not take you where you want to go”. If you have old thought patterns and non supportive beliefs that are hindering you and you should do what you need to do to release them. Then your path to what you want will clear, and whereas you may still have to stay focused on what you want, you will not have the kind of resistance you were experiencing.

Finally I want to add; I feel it is highly beneficial to let go of cultural and societal stereotypes. If you were taught, as most of us were, that hard work is virtuous, keep slaving away despite anything and that you do not “gain without pain”….it is time to let it go. Does thinking and believing that way serve you? How is it working out for you? It didn’t work for me.

It certainly gained me some fleeting approval from family and others at times. But it never created lasting success. it was too much struggle and it was too hard to sustain. I have a lot of stamina and I kept going, for years and years…I now know with all my being there is a way to have what you want without pain. Even though it may seem like “hard work” to change your thoughts, to stay positive, to believe in yourself and to focus on what you want , not what you don’t,…it won’t be that way forever. It is the change that we perceive is hard. It is thinking for yourself and not following the crowd that creates success. It is being true to who you are that makes persistence easy. When you love what you do and who you are, and you are doing what you truly want to do, then whatever you do or think you “have” to do to acheive your goal is not hard work. It is joy, it is fun, it is passsion.

Persist in being who you are and following your dream. Your passion will carry you to where you want to go….