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inspiration beauty and art in sand…you have to see these!

By March 10, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

image019.jpgA friend sent me this, it is stunning, what a wonderful way to create your reality and bring beauty and fantasy into life. Don’t miss these amazing sand sculptures, they will lift you up!

Amazing Sand Castles

The contestants in the 2007 sand castles competition, held at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort, in the Fraser Valley of B.C. Canada, rise to the level of fine art — and they’re made entirely from sand!

Take a look, and you’ll be amazed. I know I was.

And, should the inspiration strike you to try your hand at building sandcastles this summer, the website will give you a peek behind the wizard’s curtain. Their site offers all kinds of tips and how-to’s of how to create your own works of art from sand.

image012.jpgOh, and one last thing.

As you look at these incredible sandcastles, let them be a reminder of what you can build once you really put your mind to it and focus on what truly makes you happy!

Professional sandcastle builder Jenny Rossen is a wonderful role model for leading a life of your own making.

Can you imagine? If someone can actually make a living building sandcastles then what are YOU waiting for? Take control of your life and your health, manifest your dreams, and start building a life that is right for you.