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money, money money; give millions, receive millions and enhance your prosperity consciousness

By March 11, 2008Blog

Heard of being a money magnet?

Look at my Account Balance: $44,000,000 Forty Four million dollars$$!


That’s my facebook “who wants to be a billionaire?” account balance. It is this way fun way to play with prosperity consciousness. I think it is very valuable.

You GIVE to GET. First you give a million $1,000,000 to up to 12 other friends of your on facebook a day. All it takes is 20 seconds and a mouse click.


Then you GET because you GAVE…you get the same amount of what you gave to others, in your account. There is alot of fun energy in this game.

For starters it is way fun to see anything that says you have millions of dollars! This is an excellent start to seeing and feeling yourself as actually having $…instilling a prosperity consciousness.

It helps you “act as if…” act as if you have millions, then you can get closer to allowing that into your reality.

It assists you in visualizing having a back balance like this = first step in creating one.

It is a wonderful example of the laws of the universe. Of gratitiude and giving, of helping others and it helps you…win/win…it has no negative emotions attached to it because you know it is not your money, you do not have to worry about having enough, or if you deserve it.

You can really play with your worthiness, and i just did. I took it to another level…I gave MYSELF $1.000.000 One million dollars,. I didn’t know if it worked, but it did, i love that !

So check it out and spread the wealth consciousness to yourself and others, i bet you will begin feeling more prosperous by the minute…it make some feel good and smile. What better place to be in to allow the money and wealth you want into your current reality. Have fun with it and let go of your un-serving mind programs around money.


Look, there are 1,902,420 Millionaires on facebook and 220 Billionaires …why not set your goals high and be a billionaire! I am. See you on the billionaire list!