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Inspired Marketing with joe vitale and craig perrine plus “Surround Yourself with Inspiration” for free

By March 25, 2008Blog

Launching today!

Inspired Marketing

The Astonishing Fun New Way to Create More Profits for Your Business by Following Your Heart

By Dr. Joe Vitale and Craig Perrine


Dr. Joe Vitale, star of The Secret and The Opus; author of way too many books to list here, from The Attractor Factor to Zero Limits; world-famous marketing wizard, copywriter, and spiritual guru; seen on Larry King Live; featured in Newsweek and The New York Times.

CRAIG PERRINE is a leading Internet Marketing Strategist and speaker known for his relationship based marketing methods. He has been featured in many bestselling books and courses, including Online Marketing Superstars, The Great Offer, and Buying Trances.

Check out the new book that takes true inner energy ways to really make things happen and combines it with awesome marketing advice. I have a bonus, among the $1421.00 worth of bonuses, called  “Surround Yourself With Inspiration: 9 Powerful Ways to Inspire Yourself by Changing Your Surroundings” 

You can get it FREE along with bonuses from James Ray and Mark Joyner, among many more, if you order the book. It is a great deal, for $16.47 you have this great book plus much more. I make no money by teling you about this, I think it is a great opportunity if you have any business that requires that you market. YOu market yourself daily, so you may want to look at it even if you work for someone else!

My bonus will be available for $14.00 on my website, but if you want it free, you can get it now with this book.

Get inspired, take only inspired action and live and inspired life!

To your success!