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Being in the now is more powerful than you think

By March 27, 2008Blog

I have had a shift lately. I have known about ‘being in the now’ for years, I have experienced it many times and even for long periods. However, I am focusing so intensely on making my life what I want that I have shifted to a new level of understanding.

It is amazing, truly being who you are, staying in a space of now. When you do this, your mind does not wander. You think of nothing else but where you are. Being totally in the moment you enjoy it more, savor it more, notice more. It is an experience few people have. I notice that so many of us are always tapped into headphones, cell phones, TV, computers…it’s almost as if we feel we have to be constantly entertained or doing something.

Being in the now, which Eckart Tolle and oprah are talking about in their new online web class called “a new earth web event” , is something we have heard for years. It has been taught by the ancients and it is not new information. However, when you access a new level of actually doing it…WOW!


1. Try it for at least a few minutes a day. One thing I did in the beginning of trying this was eating in silence and chewing each bite slowly and for a long time. I tuned out everything (so it’s good to do alone) and focused solely on the taste and textures in my mouth. You will be amazed at how intense the flavors actually are…it is so multi-dimensional, so many flavors and sensations. It can almost be too much at some point. Imagine if focusing solely on what you are eating for a moment is this mutlifaceted and filled with sensation, what it would be like if you did this with other areas of life.

2. Why not take a few moments throughout your day and stop every other thought, and isolate your focus on what you are doing. Direct your thoughts to what you are doing (of course pick something you like!)  and immerse yourself into the experience, the felings, the smalls, the tastes. Feel the textures on your body or tongue, feel how whatever you are doing feels in your body, where, what and the go deeper into the sensations. You can take an OK experience, or even something really pleasant, and increase the sensation to new heights by simply giving it your total focus!

I would love to hear your experiences, what sensations you had and what new levels you took them too. Imagine now how wondrous, exciting, flavorful and rich life can be with focusing in the now, and letting go of self talk. Not worrying about what others are thinking or doing, not giving attention to things in your past or future, just being here now . Giving something all your attention brings you into a beautiful space where there is peace, happiness and total enjoyment of what you are doing. It lets all your energy collapse into that moment and empowers it with more life force. It actually gives you more power to create what you want and more appreciation of what you have.

Stop multi tasking and be in the now…and enjoy the complete and thrilling adventure of what you have already created!