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master the laws of the universe, delberately create what you have passion relaxing into it

By March 31, 2008October 3rd, 2020Blog

Acknowledge what is and then invite a new possibility’ Gregg Braden

We are all looking for a way to make our dreams come true. We all want to deliberately create what we do , are and have. The beauty is, we are meant to be the masters of the laws of the universe. We are supposed to be in control of the elements, ourthoughts, emotions and intentions. We are here to expand and create and there is so much power in our mind, thoughts , bodies, and spirit. We are creators of our worlds, both literally (scientifically) and intuitively (energetically and through our thoughts).

I have a new amazing meditation coming out in a week or two…you will truly feel power coursing through you like never before. You will expand your heart and melt into the field of unending possibilities you are in, and choose the possibility that gives you the most joy. Check it out.

In this mediation and special report, BZ Riger of a womens inner path to wealth and I combine practical, results getting steps, using the laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction in the simplest and most clear and effective way. We use the principles of quantum physics and biochemical science, with the sensations and messages from the energy vortex of our bodies. We Take the clarity and vision of our minds and the material of our thoughts, breathe life into it through the powerful electromagnetic transformer within us: our heart. Finally we add the fuel of our intended emotion, the fuel that rockets that creation out of our heart and through our bodies, as the vortex of energetic creation that we are.

This is literally how the energetics of this universe work, so you will receive profound and expansive experiences, profound focus and clarity, peaceful joy and a life and world that appears before you just the way you desire. As you relax into it, let go and become the possibility you choose. Let go of the past, the labels, the meanings, and just be within you, be and feel the energy of source the divine pour through you as you give birth to a new world. You simply choose another possibility, relax into it, feel it, believe it is so and enjoy the sensations as you birth it through you. You are a vortex of creation, choose your life now.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see the 9 STEPS to Relaxing Into Creation