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9 STEPS to Relaxing Into Creation

By April 1, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog


“You are a Vortex through which all possibilities flow” Abraham Hicks


Yesterday in my blog told you about the new, amazing and powerful meditation that uses quantum physics, scientific truths, the power of your thoughts and your body. Your body is literally a vortex of energy , a conduit through which divine creative energy flows and is directed by you into whatever form you want. You are a co -creator of your world, of the world. We harness these laws, follow the natural wisdom within you and use your thoughts as one of 3 parts of the equation that breathes life into your visions of your ideal life. You can shape your world with ease and intent. Relax, you are a swirling mass of unending possibilities and the parts of your life that you do not want to live anymore are only one of those possibilities. Choose another one, and step into it. Away melts what is. The new possibility which you have chosen and relaxed into, takes shape within you and pours out of you into the reality you play in.

9 STEPS to Relaxing Into Creation

  1. Acknowledge what is (briefly)
  2. Remove any charge/emotion, label, judgement about what is
  3. Reach into the those possibilities with our mind, focus on a different possibility (all possibilities exist right now, choose the one you want) isolate /lock in one
  4. Get a clear, specific thought in your mind about what that possibility is
  5. Bring emotion up from your lower chakras  or energy centers (the emotion of LOVE)
  6. Bring the clear visual/thought of what you want down from your mind
  7. Mix Love (emotion) & Vision in your powerful electro-magnetic heart center
  8. Create the feelings that you will feel when this possibility is your reality; breathe life into the possibility
  9. Know that possibility can easily flow into the particle reality of our everyday lives, live those feelings throughout the day and BECOME it

Come back next Monday to continue our discussion and to learn what the 3 parts of the equation that breathes life into your visions of your ideal life

Tomorrow we will talk about “The peace that passes all understanding”…are you watching oprah and eckhart tolle live web event? It is fascinating to hear and to see what is being brought into the mainstream of the world! They discussed this at the end of section 2. Remember you can watch any of them at any time by going to

Have a relaxing day and allow your dreams to merge with you!