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Virtual therapy for the soul…you are loved

By April 2, 2008Blog

Has anyone told you today that you are loved?

“There is more hunger for love and appreciation in the world today than for bread” Mother Teresa

What a wonderful gift…a friend sent me a link to a beautiful little inspiring movie. Well, there are lots of these out there, and I like them, but after awhile you can feel a bit like it is all the same thing. However, this moved me. Perhaps it was the right timing for me. Perhaps it was because I am so in the now and I know deep inside myself that I AM LOVED!!

But what I think really moved me was that I could answer “Yes!”…someone has told me today that I am loved…and it made me stop and enjoy the moment, to really appreciate with all the cells of my being that I am truly blessed to have an amazing man in my life who tells me I am loved, I am wonderful and I am appreciated many times a day.

And you know what really moves me about that? Well, of course we all love to be told wonderful things about ourselves…but what is significant tome is, I allowed myself to have this man in my life and I allowed the kind words and love from him into my being…I accepted what he said. I felt it, believed it and took it all the way into my being…that is monumental!

I said in my blog yesterday, I was going to discuss “the peace that passes all understanding” today…and we are, just in a little different way than I planned. You see I was listening to eckart tolle and oprah talk about his book the new earth; awakening to your life’s purpose” web cast and I had some great insights…and I do recommend you get in on that…however, this moved me and I wanted to share it with you, so tomorrow we will get back to eckart and oprah….

Why is it monumental that I have this loving man in my life? Why is it monumental that I accept and feel and believe it when he tells me he loves me and thinks I am wonderful? Well, some of you may already have guessed…because you, like me, have not allowed people to love you in the past. So many, many of us have never felt good enough, believed what we heard others say about our lock of worthiness. So for me to be in place where I do not reject love or compliments is a wonderful feeling. I have had to choose over and over to release beliefs I took on long ago, to release putting power and meaning into what others say and do , and to look within to the light and love and beauty that is my true nature.

Our true nature is love and beauty, and our real reality is we are worthy, wonderful, deserving and powerful. We do create our reality, so why have we chosen for so long to choose thoughts and beliefs and people who reflect a negative, unworthy reality? People who put you down, who act angry and resentful, are doing so because that is how they feel about themselves ( I know because I lived with one for 25 years!). You can’t create in anyone else’s reality, and you are the only one who can choose in your own.

So I highly recommend you take the following INSPIRED ACTIONS today:

1. Choose to believe “being you is enough” and let go of the past and anything anyone told you that does not support your feeling love and power in every moment

2. Let go of people in your life that are resentful, blame you, complain and have a negative view on life. You life will be lighter, happier and richer, and they can move on to be with others of like mind, or perhaps find their own path back to their own true beauty and worth.

3. Go to watch this inspiring little movie and share it with anyone who you feel it will uplift.

4. Think about if anyone has told you today of you are loved…if they have, make sure you feel it and receive it fully, thank and appreciate them and return the gift.

5. Think if anyone you know has not heard that they are loved today, and shower your blessing of love on them by telling them they are loved now.

You are loved…I love you, just the way you are. How do I know you are loveable? Because you are here looking for what is joyful and good in life. Because you are unique and wonderful just the way you are, you always have been. I believe in you.


Thank you to for adding to the momentum of love and peace and self worth in our “new earth”.

Thank you to Chris, for choosing to share this amazing life experience with me, I love you, You are so very loved.

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