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Are your affirmations empty, not working, lacking passion?

By April 7, 2008March 10th, 2019Blog

“The affirmation is empty if it is a thought that has no energy to invite it into this world” Gregg Braden

We need to “invite” what we want into this world, this dimension, this vibration. All things are energy that vibrates at different rates. That includes us. Our thoughts are forms, our bodies are conduits of energy , our feelings are our thoughts combined with our emotion. Our feelings give fuel to the affirmation and make it a reality.

Last week I had been telling you of my new meditation coming out next week. It’ll blow your socks off. Monday’s blog discussed how “…we are meant to be the masters of the laws of the universe. We are supposed to be in control of the elements, ourthoughts, emotions and intentions.”

Tuesday’s blog talked about the 9 steps to relaxing into creation, whatever you want to create! Now we are going to look at 3 parts to this process and parts of you. This is how you manifest what you want, but with ease and results, not struggle and disappointment.

In louise hay’s recent movie about her life called “You can Heal You Life”. Gregg Braden is interviewed. In the extra disc, you can watch the entire interviews with gregg and others like wayne dyer, christine northrup, md, jerry and esther hicks of abraham nicks and more. In gregg’s interview he tells of the ancient wisdoms he has studied and the masters of reality he has seen and interviewed. As a scientist he comes form a place of knowing how energy works and combines it with spiritual truths. This is what we do with our new meditation and special report on “relaxing into it…manifest with ease”.

gregg braden discusses what I call the “3 parts of breathing life into your visions of your ideal life”;

1. Thoughts; mind, vision, choice…your specific image of what you want, in any area of you life. Can be your business, your partner, your new dress or your body. You are not your thoughts, however, you think your thoughts, therefore you are in control, in charge of them. So now you can choose and new possibility and “invite” it into your reality.

2. Emotions: Gregg says there are only 2 actual emotions (we normally confuse feelings with emotions). Love and whatever you call the opposite of love. Both are equally powerful, 2 sides of a coin and both will pull your vision into manifestation just as quickly. Ever heard “be careful what you wish for”…? There is power in loe and power in fear, we are going to now be the director of the emotion we add to our visions, so we get the results (the feelings) we desire.

3. Heart: feelings are created in the heart by combining the vision from your thought forms with the power of the emotion of love (choose love). If you choose love, you get feelings like joy, happiness, bliss, excitement, zest, passion, thrill, contentment. This is our ultimate quest. Anything and everything we want is because we think it will make us feel joy and happiness.

Wednesday we will talk about how amazing our heart is…it is so much more than anything you could have imagined and so much more powerful than you have given it credit for!

Focus on your heart, open it and see it filing with love and being a huge generator, magnetically attracting what you want into your life.