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what do law of attraction, divorce, warriors and internet marketing have in common?

By April 15, 2008Blog

Divorce, Warrior seminar, law of attraction in action, internet marketing on steroids, games of pool, great new relationships, movies and steam rooms, gourmet meals, love making, party, sleep, jacuzzi, network, inspiration, quantum physics books, 3 hour searches for car keys at airport security, exciting new business ideas, “the meat experience”, Austin, unlikely accountability partners, VA Beach, tweens emotions, squirrels chewing all the wires in my car engine, midnight searches for cleaners, meeting Facebook friends in person, new streams of income, fires and howling winds, $50 bottles of wine, insurance that’s helpful and actually pays, raccoons at midnight, no sleep, big tex margaritas, no more lawyers, successful boyfriend, cuddly cat and “Nim’s Island”…well these are just a FEW of the things that have been going on in my life the last few weeks…

So what do these all have in common? ME!

It sounds bizarre, I know, it was surreal writing it all…but my life has been an intense ride the last 2 years and it has come to some amazing and wonderful conclusions, shifts and openings recently.

Today I relaxed, slept, went to the fabulous movie nim’s island with my amazing boyfriend Chris and my twin girls. I let the last few weeks sink in, the intense amount of info I gathered at the seminar in Austin this last weekend being to process and boil inside me. This week I let it all float and blend and find it’s place within me, and in the fantastic, amazing, exciting and fun “new” life I am becoming. As it does I want to share with you all the insights, opening, expansions, realizations, strengths and so much more that have run through me and around me in the last few years.

You see, I just finalized my divorce on April 3rd. It took 3 very long, very intense, often painful and definitely life transforming years. I was uncomfortable sharing much about what was going on in my personal life the last year or so , because my ex and his attorney were crawling all over me and my life in the most suspicious and bizarre way. I felt it would be detrimental to me and my loved ones to reveal too much about what I thought, felt and did.

Now however, I am FREE! I get to be ME without interference! And boy, do I have some stories and inspirations for you! I am excited to share with you ,m and hear from you. I am thrilled to be readying some life changing new audios, videos and reports for you. I am filled with delicious anticipation of the joyful, abundant, fulfilling and adventurous life I have literally birthed into being by committing to be true to myself. By getting free of people who want to control, depress and ruin others, by having the inner courage to go through whatever it took to find the life I wanted, I have literally created a whole new world for myself to live in. A world of my own choice, my own preference, my most desired experiences. A world filled with people who are fun, uplifting and powerful.

It is becoming right now, as we speak, into the 3-D reality that my body walks in. My intense desire, releasing my old thought patterns that said I had to please everyone else. My strong belief and study that I do create my own reality. and I have the inner power to make my life what I want. These have kept me going and brought me here. JOY!

I can’t wait to share it, you will laugh, you will be shocked and amazed, and hopefully inspired. Inspired to do the same, to claim your life as your own and do whatever you feel you must to make it happen.

So The “Inspired Action” for today is:

RELAX and let the experiences of your life soak in, releasing the ones that do not serve the highest dreams and goals inside you and intending to observe daily the ones that are the life you know you deserve to live.

I had an amazing few weeks of fun, and interaction, learning and expanding..and now I am relaxing and letting it all sink in. I recommend you do the same after you have amazing experiences, or even every day ones. Just be, and let it all sink into you. Let it become you and be with it in a joyful, inner smiling way.

Let your inner sun shine…shape your life with joy!