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By April 17, 2008Blog

I just watched a wonderful short film about love and the law of attraction. This short film was such fun, it was about the law of attraction and romance, and how people are trying so hard to make it work for them, they are missing what is right in front of them.

Have you found the spiritual cinema circle yet? Well , check it out, you get a wonderful DVD each month with 3 short films and one feature film.They are always uplifting, moving and often very fun and whimisical.

It is called “The rub of attraction” and involves one of my favorite filmakers, scott cervine. He makes wonderful, funny, witty slices of life.

In this one they show a man and a woman (separately)  watching and reading “the secret”, going to a discussion group, making vision boards and trying very hard to make it work. There are silly scenes where he tries to manifest a good parking spot and after 17 minutes finally gets one, and says “AH! see it works every time”! They are both wanting a loving relationship and over and over they try different things to make it happen.

Finally in the end they see each other in a different light, and they fall in love, even thought they were running into each other, or almost meeting over and over. It was right there, working for them, easlity and effortlessly, but they were so busy being in their heads that they did not see what was right in front of them.

This is so often the way it happens. Anytime you are trying very hard to make something work, you are on the wrong track. The law of attraction like any other law of nature works all the time no matter what. In order to “make” it work for you, you simply have to be aware that it is at work and that it is bringing you in contact with what you want.

INSPIRED ACTION: So you simply need to believe you can have what you want and then look for it. Be a conscious observer and have a positive, excited attitude of anticipation. When you expect to see the people, resources,and  opportunities you need to create the life you want, you will.

Remember every possibility exists right now around you. Choose to focus on the posibility you want most in any area of your life and then watch for the clues, the inspirations, the people to show up. Being in the ‘now’ and being aware is the key, and that is a passsive, peaceful place to be, not a thing to do.

Stop trying so hard and let you life flow to and through you, and enjoy it!

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